Ruby rules over other colored gemstones and many say it is one of the most valuable jewels. This gem has beautiful color, exceptional hardness, and superior brilliance. Praised in the bible as a stone of beauty and wisdom, ruby jewelry remains a popular gift symbolizing love and passion. Ruby is also considered modern birthstone and is a favorite in contemporary design. Before you catch the next Ruby Smackdown, join Shop LC and learn some fun facts about your next ruby jewelry purchase.

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  • Chromium causes the red color in a ruby.
  • It should display a beautiful, vibrant red to a violetish red.
  • This red gem is a variety of corundum.
  • It often glows red in sunlight, thanks to fluorescence.
  • Ruby ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • If inclusions affect the brilliance of ruby, it can lower the value.
  • Fashioning ruby in mixed cuts is common with brilliant crowns and step-cut pavilions.
  • Rubies over one carat are rarer, and the price goes up with larger gems.
  • Ruby is a traditional gift for the 15th wedding anniversary.
  • Ruby is the modern July birthstone.

There you have it, the basics about ruby, just in time for the next Ruby Smackdown from Shop LC.

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