With the LC’s Black Friday, you can stay home and get great deals from the comfort of your own couch! No standing in line, no defending your shopping cart and no driving in inclement weather. If you do decide to venture out (because Aunt Cindy really wants that flat screen TV), then make sure you’re prepared! Here are eight totes perfect for your Black Friday Haul!

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the ORGANIZER

This combo set includes a black leather handbag and pouch. Spend less time searching for your wallet and more time searching for that pair of boots you were eyeing this week. By having a matching pouch, it makes it easier to organize your money, coupons and lists.

This bag is perfect for anyone ready to do some serious retail damage this Black Friday. For example, if you decided to camp out, you would be able to store all of your essentials. From water bottles to cozy blankets, this bag is big enough to make sure you come prepared.

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the SEASONED shopper

The seasoned shopper will know that the perfect tote will have plenty of space, yet not be too cumbersome when you’re trying to get somewhere quick. This gray faux leather bag is a great choice for just that!

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the last minute shopper

If you decided to join in the craziness of Black Friday shopping at the last minute, you’ll need something easy to throw on and go. A shoulder bag is perfect for just that. You’ll be able to carry your cards and cash in a flash. We suggest this stylish coral seed bead shoulder bag!

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the BYSTANDER

The bystander is literally just to watch all the craziness go down. With that being said, if you’re a bystander, then you can rock an oversized clutch. There’s no necessity to be hands-free, so hold onto this stunning  sequin clutch while you people-watch during the frenzy.

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the HELPER

This shopper is the one who wants to help family and friends check items off their lists. This printed canvas tote is perfect for a helper because it has enough room to carry the items that their friends and family have already boughten. It also features a fun print, so it’s a win-win!

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the stealthy shopper

Whether you’re squeezing through the packed aisles or reaching the other side of the store in minutes, you need a tote that is as stealthy as you are. This black leather handbag and wallet is perfect for you!

8 Bags Perfect for Your Black Friday Haul - the undecider

Can’t decide which stores to hit, can’t decide what items to get, the undecider can’t…well, decide! This black faux leather crossbody bag makes the perfect accessory for anyone who can’t make decisions on the spot. It’s versatile straps give you plenty of options!

Hopefully this list of totes and handbags will help you accessorize like a pro during your Black Friday adventure. If you want to skip the line, skip the hassle and stay in your pajamas, all while getting the Lowest Price Guarantee, then shop the LC this Black Friday!


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