A salt and pepper diamond conjures up a certain image in our minds. Can’t you just picture it? A precious diamond, brimming with black and white speckles. The effect is captivating, resulting in a silky and mysterious appearance.

Salt and pepper diamond ring.

A chaotic mix of black and white inclusions gives this gem its signature look. Nearly every diamond contains inclusions. However, most are simply too small to view with the naked eye. With these diamonds, however, this feature is at the forefront, celebrating the diversity of what Mother Nature provides from the Earth.

No two of these diamonds are alike – and that is part of the allure. Where traditional diamonds cleave to the Four C’s in determining the desirability of a stone, these salt and pepper treasures are different. Their individuality sets them apart. It’s readily apparent that your salt and pepper diamond is special and one-of-a-kind. No one else will own a smoky and speckled stone that looks like yours.

We treasure salt and pepper diamonds for the raw energy they infuse into contemporary jewelry. These stones inject lots of personality into modern styles. Often favoring minimalism, these speckled jewels lend a touch of sophistication to uncomplicated styles. These diamonds are versatile, being both simplistic and sophisticated at once.


One of the best and most popular ways of showcasing this trend-setting stone is through a cool salt and pepper diamond ring. A solitaire ring is the perfect way to let this speckled stone shine and become a lynchpin piece for your ensemble. Just consider some of these great examples!


The pear shape, also known as the ‘teardrop,’ are great for celebrating any happy occasion! Teardrops lend a great sense of movement to a ring and are a great option for those who ‘talk with their hands.’ It’s amazing how such a simple cut seems to dart about when crowning a gold ring.

Salt and pepper diamond ring.

In a setting of 10K yellow gold, this teardrop ring is sure to become a personal favorite. Great for daily wear, a single row of diamonds adorns the upper shank, creating a sparkling backdrop for your silky salt and pepper gem.

Stack it or wear this ring on its own – there’s no wrong way to enjoy this treasure!


Solitaire rings continue to captivate us over centuries of use. Why? Perhaps it’s the effortless way these minimalistic rings elevate a single glittering jewel. Carefully cradled in a prong setting, it’s easy to see why these rings are iconic.

Gray diamond solitaire ring.

A single rose-cut salt and pepper diamond crowns this regal gold ring. Housed in a setting of brilliant 10K gold, the broad facets of the rose-cut provide us a window into the black and white inclusions sprinkled throughout this gem. A rising shank helps this gem ‘take off’ and stand proudly on your finger.

Some might consider it to be the ideal salt and pepper engagement ring!


Like a rose-cut stone, the large, open facets of a hexagonal cut help draw out the spicy allure of a salt and pepper diamond. Some might see the hex cut as a contemporary update to the classic oval. Both provide an elongated, elegant shape that adds length and a more visually stunning stone.

Placed in the cool embrace of 10K white gold, this metal offers a more subdued experience compared to yellow gold. The silver metal plays up the smoky aspects of this salt and pepper diamond ring, providing a mature depth of color that really captivates the eye when viewing the stone. My personal favorite, what I appreciate most is how this design is a true modern classic.

Will its hex-shaped stone cast its spell on you?


The kite cut likely evolved from a range of possible antique cuts. Techniques were simpler in ancient times, and most faceting favored the shape of the stone, with broad, flat facets that could be easily made. Kite diamonds might also be called a ‘shield cut.’

Kite diamond ring.

We’re seeing a reemergence in popularity for this cut, especially among stones like salt and pepper diamonds. Like the other cuts we’ve discussed, this kite diamond ring is great for showcasing the visual appeal of these smoky stones. Like their hexagonal cousin, kite cuts are rising in popularity for their modern, clean lines and contemporary feel.

Will you fly away with a kite shaped diamond ring?

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