The capital of Texas, Austin, is known as the Live Music Capital of the world. Known for celebrating individuality and home of the Longhorns, Austin is an emerging fashion hot-spot.

Austin at sunset

Austin’s fashion scene is all about being inclusive, collaborative, loving and accepting. This year, Shop LC attended the Austin Fashion X event to show support to our local fashion creatives and influencers.

What is Fashion X?

It is the organization in charge of creating Austin Fashion Week, which is the largest week of fashion events in the state of Texas and the 4th largest fashion week concept in the United States.

Fashion X’s mission statement is “to connect designers with boutique buyers and direct to consumer through runway shows and pop-up shop.” This year will be the tenth anniversary of Austin Fashion Week – thus making the occasion extra special.

What is Fashion X Road Trip?

It is an experimental fashion show inspired by Mazda cars (this year’s main sponsor of the event). Through photography competition and live presentation, designers and fashion creatives were challenged to submit their artistic interpretation of the theme “Road trip.”

Couple having a jolly time on a road trip

While the photography competition took center stage, the live presentation included four pedestals where models would pose and show off the fashion designer’s clothes while the designer would be available to answer questions. After 15 – 20 minutes, the models would rotate and cycle through the event. That way, each design would get a fair amount of attention before allowing the next designer to come through.

Why is this important?

Austin has been a safe space of expression for decades. In fact, many of the murals in Austin are about expressing love, including “I love you so much” and the “you are my butter half.”

The Austin Fashion X Road Trip event solidifies this idea by allowing fashion creatives to take a theme and interpret it their way. Through local Austin events, Austinite fashion enthusiasts can easily connect with fashion influencers to inspire one another and learn from one another.

In the words of Zara Mirza, Marketing Assistant, Shop LC

“People may think of New York or LA when they think of fashion, but the Fashion X event proved that Austin also deserves a place on the map. There was a definite creative spirit in the room. I felt that the range of looks reflected Austin’s culture; from looks that were eye-catching and experimental to ones you might see on a stylish businesswoman downtown. It was a great testament to how our city is growing and diversifying every day.”

Our merchandising assistant, Elena Lupercio, was also there. This is what she had to say:

“It was a small event with an audience of all ages. Fashion is for everyone and these events have the potential to grow and attract all walks of life. Especially now more than ever fashion is becoming more inclusive which ShopLC could take advantage of.”

Clothes on hangers backstage at a Fashion Show

Why was Shop LC at Fashion X Roadtrip?

Shop LC believes it is important to support local artists and fashion creatives alike. We wanted to support our community and get inspired by their energy to continue Delivering Joy to you.

When we interviewed Elena for her final thoughts, this is what she had to say: “I would like to see Shop LC get more involved in these events. Let the Austinites know we are here! Offer jewelry, handbags, scarves, etc to the designers to complete their look.”

Crazy Rich Austin to Austin Fashion X, we are so proud of our local fashion community! Which local Austin event should we go to next? Let us know down in the comments below.

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