Your eyes haven’t deceived you! Welcome to our relaunched blog, and welcome to SHOP LC! We’re the same great company, just with a new name.

Why Did Liquidation Channel Change Names?

SHOP LC, formerly Liquidation Channel, has changed names once before. We originally launched as The Jewelry Channel (TJC) in 2007. Unfortunately, after our launch, a recession hit, and we thought we’d be closing our doors for good. Emerging as the Liquidation Channel, it reflected the belief that all remaining stock would be liquidated before shutting down for good. Surprisingly, the new approach resonated with our customers and business grew steadier, year after year.

With our steady growth and booming business, opportunities developed, allowing us to bring more and varied offerings to your home. What started with simply amazing jewelry and enchanting gemstones grew to include lifestyle products, such as handbags, scarves, watches, home products, skin care, cosmetics and more!

Our business has grown, and our name has evolved to reflect this. SHOP LC means “shop low cost.” A pledge we’ve delivered to our customers day-after-day for years. As the primary manufacturer of over 90-percent of our products, we eliminate the middle-man markup that drives prices up!

What’s Next for SHOP LC?

SHOP LC is still home to what you know and love. We’re still your only destination for Exceptional Quality, Exquisite Designs, and Outstanding Value. Making it easy to shop 24/7/365 from the comfort of home, we continue to deliver the low cost products that bring you joy. With a 100% money back guarantee, we’re confident that you’ll be delighted.

Continue our journey with us, as we scour the globe for the best products at the best prices, backed up by the personalized service and support that makes you part of our Shop LC family.

Shop happy with SHOP LC!

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