Our very first Wellness Market turned out to be such a success back in May, that the Wellness Committee decided to host a second one in October!

With double the vendors and double the fun, our second market was a hit! From homemade remedies and rituals, trinkets and sustainable products to vegan and vegetarian cuisines, the Shop LC parking lot was booming with incredible local Austin vendors.

Not only did this event support local vendors and their businesses, but it was also a great way for our employees to take a break from their everyday tasks and enjoy the incredible uniqueness and mindful products and businesses this city has to offer.

A huge thank you to the wonderful vendors who attended our second Shop LC Wellness Farmers Market:

  1. Rio Good. Offering plant-based gluten free cheesy bread
  2. Fam Organics. Family-Friendly CBD
  3. Wandering Turtle. Zero waste products
  4. Stoke Cold Pressed Juice. Organic cold-pressed juice
  5. Symmetry Health Chiropractic
  6. Bee Delightful. CBD infused organic honey
  7. Left Hand Jelly. Homemade Texas pepper jelly
  8. Altar Space Crystals. Alternative & holistic health services
  9. El Chef Camacho. Local vegan chef
  10. Gojema. Hand poured candles
  11. Jeany’s Caribbean Elixirs. Caribbean flavored juices
  12. Leaf Porn. Plant nursery
  13. Basil Moon Studios. Handmade clay and beaded jewelry
  14. Shay Pierre Luxury Candles. Handmade soy candles
  15. Holy Hive Honey. Natural sweetener made from dehydrated bee honey powder
  16. Home Lovely Market. Handmade home décor
  17. Unicorniverse Vegan Bakery. 100% vegan bakery
  18. The Original Dog Treat Truck. Organic homemade dog treat waffles

We can’t wait to see which vendors will be attending our third market in spring!

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