Welcoming Students from Round Rock High School

At Shop LC, community relationships are vital. Whether through volunteer events, or even the Shop LC One for One Program, it not only helps us grow but also makes a difference in where we live. For these reasons, Shop LC welcomed students from Round Rock High School for a morning to learn about marketing, business strategy, and tour our studios. These students are focusing on areas of study including business management and studio production.

Most of the kids had not heard of Shop LC, so it was fun to teach them what Delivering Joy means while giving them a tour of our offices.

Shop LC and Round Rock High School students posing for a group photo.

Behind the Scenes at Shop LC

Students were most excited about the studio, and a few of the tour groups were even lucky enough to be on-air with the hosts!

Quite a few students feel the draw to production as a career path. They were thrilled to peek behind the scenes in a real, live studio. It was great to be able to show these kids that production jobs are available right here in their own backyard.

Visiting a 24-hour broadcast network was a unique chance for these high school students to ask questions. There was discussion about the challenges and opportunities businesses face. They were also able to ask questions about specific careers in production, marketing, sales, and merchandising.

The pupils were also given a marketing challenge. They must get as many interactions as possible through social media. Shop LC employees shared details about our core demographic and how those individuals are communicating. Then, it was up to the students!

These kids had great insights into marketing and how to reach many people across multiple platforms. Marketers already reach these kids daily through apps and television, and it is fascinating to see their perspective on things.

At Shop LC, we’re looking forward to working more with our local community!

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