Our Part in Helping the Environment 

Summer is starting, and that means everyone is paying attention to the climate – whether they want to or not. In Texas, you can’t ignore the heat. We’ve already experienced scorching 99℉ weather. During times like these, climate change is on our minds, and we want to know the companies we shop at are doing their part to combat it. Well, we know for sure that Shop LC is doing their share due to the new solar plants launched by their parent company, Vaibhav Global Limited (VGL). 

Solar panel at the new solar energy plant.

These plants will power two manufacturing facilities, seriously cutting down on carbon emission. This is a major undertaking and will be the equivalent of planting thousands and thousands of trees! Renewable energy, such as these solar plants, is much less likely to produce greenhouse gasses than other methods of generating energy. They also lessen the likelihood of air pollutants. Not only is good for us humans, but the animals we love. 

This isn’t the first time Shop LC has shown their appreciation for the environment, either. They began this journey toward sustainability in 2014, when they installed solar panels on the roof of one of their manufacturing facilities. They’re always working to find new ways to work sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint. As of now, a whopping 65% of Shop LC products are made with renewable energy! 

Shop LC isn’t focused only on renewable energy for their own production. The new power plants will generate 3.23 megawatts of energy. One megawatt alone is about the equivalent of a million watts, which gives you an idea of how powerful these plants are. They’ll be able to completely power Shop LC’s two manufacturing facilities. However, even after that, there will be extra energy produced. VGL is sharing this extra energy with the local community. It’s all about giving back to our community, the environment, and Delivering Joy. 

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