Shop LC Serves Hosts Veterans at Special Concert Event

As an initiative to always give back to our community, Shop LC has volunteer events throughout the year here in the Greater Austin Area. The Shop LC Social Works Committee is an employee-lead organization that offers many opportunities for Shop LC employees to volunteer for our local communities. One of our primary ambitions is helping veterans, and the Austin VA Clinic is one of our biggest partners. This year we were honored with officially sponsoring their VA Concert event!

Shop LC Social Works Committee at the Austin VA Concert.

The Shop LC Social Works Committee supports many events in our community.

Each year, around Halloween, the VA Clinic throws a concert. Multiple organizations help out every year. This event thanks veterans by giving out free meals, merchandise, throwing raffles, and live music. After all, Austin is the Live Music Capital of the World! We love supporting this event, and this year we were honored to be the official sponsors!

Planning the Veterans Concert

An event like this takes about a year to plan, and we collaborated with VA Clinic management to design the event. Decorations included custom table runners for this event, featuring the Shop LC Social Works logo. Two hundred tote bags were distributed, filled with a blanket. Last year, these gifts were such a hit it was important to us that we brought them back. Also, the Shop LC team served 240 hamburger meals, double what we gave out last year.

Volunteer turnout was tremendous, and veteran turnout was AMAZING! High demand meant that both food and totes ran out two hours earlier than expected.

It is an excellent opportunity to give back to those who served our country, and it’s always touching to hear their stories.

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How do you honor the veterans in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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