Virtual panel to address representation, diversity, and inclusion in the fashion industry

Shop LC is proudly sponsoring The Color of Fashion, a virtual panel organized by HERdacity. The event will highlight Black voices in the fashion industry while addressing topics like representation, diversity, and inclusion.

The Color of Fashion virtual panel details.

Many fashion brands are contributing to on-going conversations about these subjects. However, much of it is coming from public pressure, and not true belief in equality. While many industry feeds return to normalcy, The Color Fashion virtual panel will discuss what accountability, long-term advancement, progress, social change, and allyship really look like.

The online panel features an interesting cross section of the fashion industry.

Proceeds from this event will benefit the Black Fashion World Scholarship Fund. The

BFW Scholarship Fund provides an educational grant to African American’s who are limited financially and have displayed a compelling desire to pursue a career in the fashion industry.

“According to, in 2017 the student population at the Fashion Institute of Technology for Black or African American was 9.27%, as compared to 44.3% White, 18.8% Hispanic or Latino, and 11.2% Asian,” explains Carla Nelson, Creator, President, and CEO of Black Fashion World Foundation, Inc. “This is tragic! Our aim is to eradicate financial barriers that can hinder this demographic of creatives from obtaining the necessary education that is vital to their journey to fulfilling their fashion dreams.”

The online panel discussion takes place on Wednesday, August 19th at 5:30 pm (CST). Register for this virtual panel on eventbrite.

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About Black Fashion World Foundation, Inc

BlackFashion World Foundation is a nonprofit that was established to move the barriers that often stymie black fashion entrepreneurs. There remains a systemic and entrenched lack of access for black fashion designers, retailers, and marketing professionals. Until now, there has not been an organization that provides black fashion professionals sufficient opportunities to higher education, capital, mentorship, and the advice of business experts, as well as advertising opportunities and distributors. Black Fashion World Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All contributions are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

About HERdacity

HERdacity is a nonprofit dedicated to inspiring confidence in women to achieve their professional goals. Our vision is a world where all women are confident in their choices. We are a community of women who build each other up and support each other on our journey. We host webinars, events, workshops, and more to support women in their careers.

Learn more about us, our speakers series and upcoming live events at




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