When considering gemstones, we know they all share three traits: beauty, rarity, and durability. Combined, they determine the value of a stone. For many, the thought of owning a single source gem might be off-putting. After all, there’s the cost to consider. While many stones are expensive due to their rarity, there’s nothing to fear. There are plenty of single-source gems you can own that are desirable, beautiful, and, most of all, affordable! Consider these five single source gemstones for your jewelry collection.


A beautiful purple gemstone displaying swirls of subtle purple color, charoite comes from Russia. Occurring in an area of only 10 square kilometers, there is no other place on the planet where charoite occurs! Despite a limited supply, this ‘lilac stone’ is a sleeper hit, remaining affordable despite its incredible appeal and beauty. As more discover the charm of charoite, many predict demand will only increase.


This rare type of glass only comes from the Czech Republic. Created during a meteor impact, it is known as a tektite, a meteoric glass. While moldavite isn’t the only tektite around, no other green glass stone shares the same chemical makeup as moldavite.

Bohemian Moldavite, Zircon Men's Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Not to mention, but few bottle green tektites possess the durability and beauty that make faceting material worthwhile. And, only tektites coming from this region can be called moldavite!


We have to be honest; grandidierite isn’t a true single-source gemstone. A few minuscule deposits exist across the globe. However, few have produced anything approaching gem quality. Only Sri Lanka and Madagascar have given us suitable grandidierite.

Grandidierite, Zircon Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

And, while the Sri Lanka deposit is gone, the Madagascan deposit remains. While the rarest in high-quality grandidierite goes for thousands of dollars per carat, there are still many attractive options to consider in this greenish blue jewel.

Tanzanian Natronite

Did you know? Most cherry quartz undergoes treatment, or they are synthetic stones. The rarity of finding cherry quartz without treatment is slim, which is why Tanzania Natronite is a rare find indeed.

Cherry Tanzurine, Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Only occurring on a stretch of Maasai tribal land, there is currently no other deposit of natural cherry quartz known to exist! It only exists in Tanzania.


A variety of blue zoisite, tanzanite is a single-source gemstone that hails from Tanzania, just like Tanzurine! Nestled in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, tanzanite is one of the most coveted collector’s gems we have seen.

RHAPSODY AAAA Premium Tanzanite, Diamond Pendant

Though this blue stone has an uncertain future, tanzanite remains within reach for those wanting to add this stone to their collection.

Are you ready to own your collection of single-source gemstones?

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Which rare gem is your favorite? Did we miss it on our list? Tell us in the comments!

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