Reptilian prints are here to stay! But, don’t let the runway models have all the fun! Incorporate exotic details into your wardrobe with standout snake print accessories like dresses, handbags or high heels. Read on to find out why we are wild about this trend!

How to Wear Snakeskin Prints

Woman with snake print clutch.

If you didn’t know before, animal prints such as leopard and cheetah function as neutrals. Snake print is no exception to the rule. Pair your printed pieces the way you would pair your beige or white pieces. Here are some examples:


Selection of snake print heels, clutch, and handbag.
If you’re wary about trying this trend, start with a minimalist approach. We suggest sticking with an oversized clutch, sling-back pumps or bracelet. It looks natural as opposed to forced, and it won’t saturate your look. 
Snake print tote with red accents.
Snake print pumps are versatile, so they can go with just about anything. They are even adequate substitutes for nude or skin-toned shoes. Slip them on with a black or red dress or with a vibrant top. Handbags make it easy to step on the wild side because they come in all sizes and colors.
Just beware of overdoing it. Don’t wear snake print from head to toe. Check out some of our favorite accessories for inspiration!

Dresses: Bold and Beautiful

If you’re feeling brave, then grab a pair of snakeskin print pants or even a dress. We’ve selected a few chic pieces in a variety of snakeskin prints that you can begin adding to your closets ASAP!
Snake print street wear.
Sometimes snake print is used to create texture rather than to make a statement. You can do this too by sporting an ultra chic printed top. Be wary when mixing prints. It will make your outfit look busy if overdone.
Whatever texture you choose, this luxurious trend radiates a certain level of sophistication and edginess. Even if you only wear one serpentine element, it makes your whole look more memorable!

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