We all know the importance of voting with your dollar. Every penny you spend on a product is a penny towards that company’s cause. When you’re shopping with a social conscience, it’s probably important to you to buy from companies that align with your own values. If you are shopping for holiday gifts but are unsure as to which causes to support, here are three things to consider.

Ethical and Transparent Supply Chain

In order to reduce the support of conflict or humanitarian crisis, many companies are instilling an ethical and transparent supply chain practice. This means that your money doesn’t endorse unethical humanitarian causes and you can rest easy knowing that everyone involved in the production is paid fairly.

For example, Shop LC follows initiatives like the Kimberly Process to prevent conflict stones from entering the market. By manufacturing most of our jewelry products in our own green factories, we ensure a closed supply chain that’s perfectly clear to our customers.

Green Business Practices

In an effort to better the environment, many jewelry companies are moving towards investing in environmentally friendly practices. This means that the producers promise to reduce their impact on the environment.

To support green mining practices, we partner with mining companies like Outlaw Rocks. These kinds of companies include reclamation of mined land as part of their business strategy, making sure that once precious stones are mined, the land is restored to its former glory. Simply put, they’re leaving it as good or better than they found it!

‘One for One’ Programs

If you are looking for a charitable cause to shop for, many companies and even local restaurants offer a One for One program. This means that for every item you buy, the company donates an item to someone in need.

The One for One program at Shop LC donates one meal to a child in need for every single piece of jewelry you buy. These kinds of programs are perfect for the conscientious gift giver, as you’re really giving two gifts with your purchase – the item you buy and the donation provided by the company to pay it forward.

What causes are you passionate about? Let us know down in the comments below.

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