The Hidden Benefits of Turquoise

Turquoise is a true balancing stone and a Native American stone. It has been worn and used for years for its balancing properties. Its eye-catching appearance makes it a popular and choice among individuals. People wear turquoise for multiple purposes, such as boosting the immune system. It is also said to enhance your spiritual being.

Santa Fe Collection

The Santa Fe Collection is a selection of bold and colorful Southwestern inspired jewelry. This section is a collection of bright, beautiful stones crafted in sterling silver. Here you will find amazing, stylish turquoise jewelry like nowhere else. If you truly adore Southwestern turquoise then this going to be your favorite. Let’s go and check out what’s in store! 

Y Shaped Turquoise Neckpiece

Turquoise y-necklace and earrings in sterling silver.

With this Southwestern turquoise jewelry, you can be sure to get many compliments from your friends. The amazing design and the vivid embedded turquoise stone is simply captivating. The best part about turquoise jewelry is it can go along well with any outfit. You can swing by to your favorite place with this beautiful neckpiece on. Pair this up with any comfortable attire along with an elegant earpiece. Are you excited about the compliments? Oh, we’re sure you’ll get many!

Oyster Shell Pendant And Earrings

Oyster shell pendant and earrings in sterling silver.

This multi-color pendant with pair of earrings will give you warmth and comfort. It’s styled with red spiny oyster shell and gemstones with a touch of silver. Whatsoever the occasion, you will just draw attention. Fall in love with its warm colors and exotic silver detailing. The flawless charm of Southwestern turquoise will amp your look. You can get this super cool piece in three different colors from Shop LC!

Butterfly Pendant

Butterfly pendant in sterling silver.

We adore butterflies for their vibrant colors. Every time we come across it, we stop to praise its aesthetic. This beautiful butterfly pendant is made for all butterfly admirers. The hue and color will blow your mind. This pendant is popular as a lapis lazuli pendant. The exciting part is you can use this pendant with any sort of chain, though it will go best with a sterling silver chain. Put it on and make your style statement.

Hoop Earrings

Multi gemstone silver hoop earrings.

When the hoop earrings go on, the boss woman comes out. Head out to your workplace with these hoop earrings on. This Southwestern turquoise is truly vivacious! Work-life is not only about hard work but also about comfortable jewels. We want you to stand out from the rest while also keeping in mind your comfort. ‘Just put on your hoops and remember who you are!’

Red Flower Ring

Red spiny oyster ring in sterling silver.

This jewelry style reflects the fine artistry of the American Southwest. The fantastic use of red oyster shell is truly majestic! It forms a glowing cluster of shell, forming a shape of a flower. This ring will be welcome in your jewelry collection. From day to night, you can choose to wear as you wish. The ring has a smooth texture, making it comfortable to wear in all situations.

Cuff Bracelet

Spiny turquoise bracelet in sterling silver.

This turquoise bracelet will give you a flaunting vibe. The spiny turquoise stone styled in this bracelet is adorable. Be it a formal party or a casual meeting you can pick to wear with no regrets. The cuff is easy to wear and handle and will let you enjoy your time outside with grace.

Swirl Earrings

Turquoise dangle earrings.

We have never seen elegance go out of style. This swirl earring provides a gentle sky blue touch. This gorgeous earring with hidden simplicity is heart-warming. The earrings are forged in sterling silver for a long-lasting shine. You can never go wrong with swirl earrings.

Turtle Pendant

Multi gemstone turtle pendant in sterling silver.

This pendant draws inspiration from the turtle. The epicenter has a prominent city architecture that catches the eye. The edge has silver depicting a turtle and the mouthpiece is hooked to the chain. It gives you a glamorous look. 

Seed Beads Necklace

Multi strand turquoise necklace.

Beautiful! This must have been the first word that would have come out of your mouth after staring at this amazing piece. Do you want to make your way in the world with poise? Then this turquoise multi-gemstone strand necklace is just for you. It’s yours – just go and grab it!

Band Ring

Five stone spiny turquoise ring in sterling silver.

This band ring is inspired by a five stone concept. These stones symbolize love, trust, happiness, and friendship. The band represents eternal love and togetherness, and Shop LC wishes all the same. 

Discover the Sante Fe Style Collection for yourself!
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