The concept of birthstones exists in many cultures around the globe. Many say that your corresponding stone brings you good luck and energy. Not every culture agrees on which gemstones align with which month, however. This means that some months have several different birthstones. 

Now that August is here, the focus is on the August birthstones. Those special stones are peridot and pink spinel. In this article, we’ll be learning about the exceptional spinel. 

Spinel can be several different colors. Most often, they’re found to be red or black, but they can also be orange, pink, purple, and blue. Magnesium oxide and magnesium-aluminum-oxide give black spinel its dark color. These are uncommon elements, making black spinel a rare find. Red spinel, on the other hand, is colored by the chromium mineral. That’s the same element that makes rubies red.  

Historically, we can see that red spinel is often confused with ruby. In the Crown Jewels belonging to the United Kingdom, there’s a relic known as the Black Prince’s Ruby. It’s a crown featuring a large red gem named for its owner; the 14th century Black Prince of England. However, the ‘ruby’ on the crown is in fact a 170 carat red spinel gem! 

Spinel often found its way into the collections of kings and emperors. It’s largely found in Southeast Asia, where it was fought over by dueling nations. In modern times, of course, it can peacefully be bought and sold by anyone! 

Shop LC sources its black spinel from the Kanchanaburi province in Thailand. Red and purple spinel comes from the Mahenge mines of southern Tanzania. In its original form, as it exists in the mines, it has a sharp, spiny shape. This is where it gets its name. ‘Spinel’ comes from the Latin ‘spina’, meaning thorn. 

It has several other meanings beyond just being thorn-shaped. Some cultures used spinel in amulets that they carried for safety and protection. Nowadays, it’s used to help with curbing one’s pride and with settling relationship issues. Some people believe that it can even extend life!


This pink spinel and zircon ring just screams summer. It’s the perfect accessory for lavish pool-side lounging or long walks on the beach. The 14K yellow gold band beautifully complements the pink spinel stones. Each gem is carefully crafted into the shape of a flower petal. All together, the composition is elegant, but also beachy and relaxed. This is a standout piece that’ll be a winning addition to any jewelry collection.


These earrings display the marvelous rich black tone of magnesium-touched spinel. While black spinel is not technically the true birthstone of August, it’ll serve you just as well this month. These polished stones come all the way from Thailand. The black sheen is elegant and unobtrusive. If you’re looking for earrings that you’ll be able to style easily, this is the pair for you. They beautifully catch the light and will match almost any outfit.


Looking for more summery jewelry? Look no further than these blue spinel dangle earrings. The bright blue tone of these gems is particularly eye-catching. Mined in the exotic south of Tanzania, these distinct stones will add a bright pop of color to any outfit. Fashioned after blooming flower buds, these earrings are reminiscent of a Hawaiian lei. The sterling silver is sturdy and hypoallergenic; sure to last you for years to come. Throw these on, and you’ll be ready for a party!


Coming from Shop LC’s own D’Joy collection, this ring is a great way to show off your pride in your birthstone. The standout part of this ring is the delicate flower shape. Each pink spinel gem has been carefully cut into the ideal shape. And that is how they’ll stay, thanks to their secure placement and high ranking on the Mohs scale. Sleek, and elegant, the band of this ring will fit snugly on your finger. The beautiful spinel will catch both the light, and eyes around the room.


Prettiness and edginess are not mutually exclusive. This bracelet is the perfect example of that. The design is dainty, with delicate-looking flowers placed along the chain. However, with the black color and stainless steel chain, it has a harsher side to it as well. Fitted with a bolo clasp, the chain is adjustable. This ensures a comfortable and snug fit on any wrist. Embrace both your softer and rougher sides with this gorgeous bracelet.


Unforgettable. That’s what this necklace is. If you haven’t yet been convinced of the beauty of spinel, this is the piece that’ll win you over. The blue pigment of the gems is incredibly bright. Take one look, and you’ll be mesmerized. Perfect for summer, this necklace resembles both a flower and a shining sun. Pair it with a sundress or light-colored blouse to stop the show. Be trendy and bold with this dazzling necklace.


Sometimes we want to look summery, in flowy dresses and bright jewelry. Other times, we want to embrace a more mysterious, edgy feel. On days like that, this is the necklace for you. The sleek cut gem is easy to match with a variety of outfits. You could get lost in the deep black color of this spinel gem. The stainless steel chain only adds to the edgy vibe, perfectly matching the black stone.


You may have already noticed something special about this bracelet. The standout part to me is that there is no chain! Often, bracelets have a chain with charms placed on them. On this bracelet, however, the gems and charms are the chain. The bright blue spinel gems are situated on gorgeous sterling silver. The clasp, too, is a work of art! Each part of this piece is intricately crafted to deliver you the most joy possible.


No jewelry collection is complete without hoop earrings. If you’re lacking in that department, these are the earrings for you. The clasp is easy to use, with a simple hinged notch post. The Thai black spinel gives these hoops a distinction that sets them apart from other hoops. They’re still minimalist, but with a unique spin. You’ll be able to match these earrings with a variety of outfits on a myriad of occasions. Don’t jump through hoops, just give them a try!


Blue spinel and zircon diamonds together make for an unmatched shine. These earrings are perfect to add a bit of color to an elegant outfit. The best time to wear these is to a nice dinner or evening soiree. The platinum over sterling silver backing will ensure a long-lasting luster. Another benefit is the dangle style of these earrings. The design will frame and draw attention to your face. The perfect way to make a good impression!

Discover more great spinel jewelry here!

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