Every season demands a wardrobe makeover. But going for a complete change can cost a lot and leave you with nothing for next season. An affordable way to stay on trend is by introducing colorful gemstones to your collection. The beauty of colored gems is a perfect way to stay stylish every season. While approaching it like style maker, these, and these treasurable jewels are highly collectible. Pantone gives us this year’s top Spring colors that you can wear everywhere, anytime. Check out our colored gemstone suggestions to load your wardrobe with these fashionable hues!

Meadowlark: Canary Opal

Canary opal bypass ring in sterling silver with platinum finish.

Yellow never fail to impress in any season, and that’s why Meadowlark tops the chart of Pantone Spring 2018 colors. “The bold and lively Meadowlark, a confident and outgoing bright yellow shade highlights the spring 2018 season, glistening with joy and illuminating the world around us,” Pantone tells us.

From our collection, the gemstone that surprisingly mirrors this yellow hue is canary opal. One of the rarest varieties of opal, it’s vibrant and striking yellow color is a delight. Like the songbird of its namesake, the positive and happy yellows are perfect to brighten your day. Add this yellow gemstone jewelry to your wardrobe as it will go from classic to chic with complementing or contrasting colors such as orange, red, green, blue and black.

Cherry Tomato: Mediterranean Coral

Meriterranean coral ring with pyrope accents in sterling silver with platinum finish.

An all-time favorite hue, red is always a charmer. Pantone says of this hue, “Impulsive Cherry Tomato is a tempestuous orangey red that exudes heat and energy. Demanding attention, this courageous, never to be ignored, shade is viscerally alive.”

There are numerous choices when it comes to red gemstones. This year we recommend Mediterranean coral as the ideal match to this Pantone hue. Whether you need a touch of glamour or a splash of bright color to your neutral outfits, Mediterranean coral will do wonders for your look.

Little Boy Blue: Ceruleite

Ceruleite pendant in sterling silver with platinum finish.

Blue is forever! This color pairs well with everything and in every season. Pantone says, “With the expectation of the clear blue sky, Little Boy Blue is no longer for little boys only. Suggestive of expansiveness and continuity, this azure blue shade reassures us with its promise of a new day.” Whether wanting to choose a classic style or in the mood for chic flair, Little Boy Blue is your best companion.

From our gem collection, we suggest ceruleite gemstone. It displays this classic soothing hue perfectly. A rare specimen to find in the market, the jewel possesses a subtle earthy luster. Little Boy Blue also transitions well from season to season, making it a perfect choice for your closet!

Chili Oil: Dino Bone

Dino bone gembone pendant in sterling silver.

A bold and daring color, this variation of red is a glamorous potion ready to enrich your wardrobe. Pantone says, “Seasoned yet season-less, Chili Oil is an earthy brown based red that adds flavorful definition to the spring 2018 palette.” Transforming yourself into a diva is no longer a dream with this outstanding hue.

The gemstone that we recommend to match is dino bone. Sometimes known as gembone, this glorious stone perfectly captures the ruddy earth tones of Chili Oil. It’s perfect to offer boldness to your neutrals.

Pink Lavender: Rose de France Amethyst

Rose de France amethyst ring in sterling silver with 14K rose gold finish.

With a romantic chemistry of pink and purple hues, this gem is a delicate entry you’ll relish forever. For Pantone, “Pink Lavender is a soft and romantic violet rose that charms with its soothing sense of quiescence.” Adding a dreamy blush, Pink Lavender is an outstanding color to spruce up your wardrobe for both spring and summer.

Rose de France amethyst makes a perfect match to Pink Lavender. With a delicate pastel lilac hue, the gem showcases pleochroic notes when viewed from different angles. Rose de France Amethyst is a delicate complement to your favorite colors.

Blooming Dahlia: Oregon Peach Opal

Oregon peach opal bracelet in sterling silver with platinum finish.

Blooming Dahlia is a soft pink pastel hue ideal for summer looks. Pantone explains, “With its seemingly suggestive scent, the subtly alluring Blooming Dahlia beckons us with its understated appeal.”

Oregon peach opal captures the spirit of this spring shade perfectly. Mined in the United States, Oregon peach opal offers a swirling mix of gentle peachy hues, perfect for complementing your favorite spring and summer fashion choices.

Arcadia: Belgian Teal Fluorite

Belgian teal fluorite pendant in sterling silver.

A lovely pastel to flaunt this spring, Arcadia is perfect for creating an exciting balance alongside the bright shades you love. According to Pantone, “Hinting at retro yet at the same time modern, Arcadia is a cooler, cleaner take on green that with its tinge of blue undertone takes us into a new direction for the spring 2018 season.”

Belgian teal fluorite is an unexpected gem flaunting this gorgeous hue. An ideal companion for your gem collection, the gemstone is known for its beautiful presentation of deep blue-green hues that sparkle brilliantly like no other gemstone. Teal fluorite is one of the more unusual options in fluorite, not always seen at market.

Ultra Violet: Purple Fluorite

Purple fluorite bypass ring with amethyst accents in sterling silver.

Offering freshness of style, Ultra Violet is a classy yet chic color to pamper your look. Pantone describes, “Conveying originality and ingenuity, the magical Ultra Violet is a distinctive and complex purple shade that fascinates and intrigues.”

Already falling in love with the color? Then cherish gorgeous purple fluorite. Radiating rich, dreamy hues, purple fluorite occupies a unique niche among purple gemstones. Anyone who loves purple sapphire, amethyst, purple garnet or other purple gems will appreciate the appealing spark of purple fluorite.

Emperador: Chocolate Sapphire

Chocolate sapphire solitaire ring in sterling silver.

“The rich chocolate infused brown Emperador adds strength and substance to the spring 2018 palette.” The exoticness of Emperador is enough to move your fashion from spring to summer effortlessly. A perfect color to complement your whites, blues, yellows, and oranges.

Exhibiting warm and delicious cocoa shades, Chocolate Sapphire adds a sweet take on this hue. A rare gem, this corundum variety is durable enough to wear every day.

Almost Mauve: Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearl cluster ring in sterling silver with 14K yellow gold finish.

Pantone tells us, “With its gentle petal-like touch, delicate and ephemeral Almost Mauve adds a sense of nostalgia to the spring 2018 palette.” The tender hue is a delightful addition to your summer wardrobe. The hue works best for warm days.

Akoya Pearls makes an excellent entry for this hue. Considered the quintessential and classic pearl, their delicate size and pastel color are perfect for any occasion that requires a touch of femininity. Choose Akoya pearls if you prefer a classic pearl look, soft hues, or dainty jewelry.

Spring Crocus: Mahenge Umbalite Garnet

Umbalite line bracelet in sterling silver.

According to Pantone, “Witty and expressive, Spring Crocus is a flamboyant and tantalizing fuchsia shade that summons you in with its beguiling charm.” Spring Crocus is going to rule the runways of 2018.

This romantic hue is a must-have addition this year. Mahenge Umbalite garnet possesses a unique range of colors from purplish-pink to purple and orange-pink. One of the most coveted gemstones on the market today, Mahenge Umbalite Garnet is your fashion companion for the year.

Lime Punch: Madagascar Sphene

Sphene solitaire ring in sterling silver.

Lime Punch is glowing, energetic and compelling. Pantone reminds us, “Sharp and pungent, Lime Punch hits a chord with its strident and striking citrus like presence in the spring 2018 color palette.” This color makes an ideal choice to portray your bright side.

Madagascar Sphene is our favorite choice to match the striking citrus hue of Lime Punch. Possessing a diamond-like luster, the gemstone displays a range of three tropical colors, ranging from green through yellow and red. With this strong color play, sphene is perfect to create magic with your spring wardrobe.

Additional Pantone Color and Gemstone Guides from Shop LC

To continue diving into the world of Pantone color guides and accompanying gemstone recommendations, Shop LC is your best source of knowledge! Explore spring 2017’s Pantone colors, or even take a look back at parts one and two of our fall Pantone color guides for 2016. Don’t forget to explore our online jewelry shop and gemstone Education Center for all of your jewelry questions and needs.

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