Don’t feel annoyed with the thought of cleaning your house this spring! Not only is this a very important activity but also has history and tradition behind it. According to the Washington Post, in the 1800s most annual house cleaning took place in the spring because the winter had left homes with a mixture of soot and grime in every corner. Shop LC has some great spring cleaning tips to help make your home like new!

Proper cleaning meant the opening of the windows to let the stench out. This could not be done in harsh winter months, and therefore the custom has its genesis in spring. The tradition has carried on because life blooms in spring with warmer weather and longer days!

And come to think of it, cleaning is not that hard. Anyone who considers cleaning their home a chore will be glad to learn some helpful spring cleaning tips. While you’re at it, lay your hands on products that will help you clean your house easily and efficiently.

With a plethora of innovative products available for cleaning different parts and objects of any household, even strenuous activities like sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing will become fun. So, shed your inhibitions and give your house a facelift with these amazing spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips


Messy cabinets, a dusty and smelly refrigerator, and appliances that don’t work are not the signs of a perfect kitchen. Renovate this important part of your home and give it the importance that it deserves.

Start by cleaning dirty utensils that lay in the sink. Don’t hurry or simply go through the motions. Instead, take your time and enjoy the process. This will make the job less cumbersome and more enjoyable.
Rid the ceiling and walls of the dust and spider webs. Don’t hesitate in washing the walls to clear off dirty spots. The walls of your kitchen require far greater care than the walls of any other room of your house. It might not be very apparent but the mixer, blender, or juicer, can spill goop all over your walls. Take your time and clean grease, grime, and spilled food from the walls of your kitchen.

  • Be sure to wash the curtains, drapes, and blinds per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Apply oven cleaner for cleaning the oven. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t forget to wipe it clean with a dry cloth!
  • Wipe out the interiors of the refrigerator completely. Remove the refrigerator shelves to wash and dry them before returning them. Rid your refrigerator of old food and empty containers that may have accumulated.
  • Wipe and clean the blender, toaster and similar kitchen appliances. Be sure to empty the crumb tray!
  • Dust and clean your kitchen cabinets.
  • Wash the sink of any dirt or goop.
  • Wash and mop the kitchen floor thoroughly and let dry.

Put in your earbuds and listen to your favorite music while you carry on with your chores. The work will become far more fun and time will fly if you have your favorite singer crooning in the background, not to mention a spotless kitchen with these spring cleaning tips!


Bathrooms. Ugh! Don’t you feel the same way whenever the thought of cleaning the bathroom crosses your mind? Indeed, there would hardly be any other activity more abhorred than tackling a dirty bathroom. Remnants of soap scum, dirt, and hair don’t leave the cleaning of this germ infested zone a simple affair. However, cleaning the bathroom is one activity that simply has to be undertaken. So, what are you thinking? Get on with this thankless task.

  • Start off by cleaning the dustiest area of any bathroom, the bathroom fan. A mild dish soap mixed with water will do the trick for you. Gently wash and dry the fan before putting it back to its place.
  • Wash the inside and outside of windows. Dust down the window sills and corners. Dust off blinds and other window treatments. Rinse off the screens before replacing them.
  • Clean the shower and tub by scrubbing them.
  • Clean the toilet. Pay particular attention to the handle and crevices on the outside and underneath.
  • Check out the medicine cabinet that you have in the bathroom. Through out your expired medicine and replace them with fresh stock. Don’t flush them, however! Before refilling the cabinet, don’t forget to wash and dry it inside out.
  • Clean the sink, but don’t forget the mirror! Old newspapers can be a good option for cleaning. Their use reduces the risk of streaks.
  • Wash and dry the bathroom rugs.
  • Sweep and mop the floor. A great way of doing it is by getting on your hands and knees and using a towel. Exert pressure, particularly on the dark patches, and do not hurry through the activity.
  • Empty the trash can and wash it clean.

Considering what it undergoes every day, you’ll appreciate that this essential room deserves special attention every year. These spring cleaning tips give you the perfect opportunity to clean your bathroom and rid it off all its dirt and germs with these spring cleaning tips.

Spring Cleaning Tips


While there can be no denying the fact that the living room is probably the best-kept area of any house, it also requires extra care at regular intervals. Give this important area of your house an intense clean up and wipe off all the dust that’s gathered since its last cleaning.

  • Start by dusting and cleaning the photographs that adorn the walls of your living room. However, be careful about spraying cleaner or water on the picture frame. These can seep behind the glass and damage the picture. Instead, clean the frame by wiping it with a lightly wet clean cloth.
  • Wash the draperies, blinds, and curtains per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the couches and chairs. Vacuuming will rid them off the dust particles that settle even in their crevices.
  • Use a duster to gently clean all accent lamps and other decorative items in the living room.
  • Clean the carpet and rugs. If they’re too dirty and soiled then you might need the services of a professional. However, if they are lightly soiled than vacuuming and spot treating are all that will be required.
  • Wipe and dust your doormat so that it is ready to be used again.


My favorite place in the world is my room! And if the same holds true for you as well then you’ll appreciate the fact that your sanctuary needs extra special attention. Come on, this is the place that sets your mood for the rest of the day. It deserves to be treated with the utmost care and dedication. So, pamper this important part of your world and give it a replenished and refurbished look with these spring cleaning tips.

  • Get started by washing all the bedding, pillows, and mattress pads. Vacuum your mattress to rid it of any dust. It’ll be a good idea to flip it over for even wear. Replace old, worn out bedding with new materials. Don’t forget to clean under your bed!
  • Dust and clean lamps and other knickknacks. You can rely on the vacuum attachment or a duster to clean the lamp shade, lamps, and other decorative items in the room.
  • Carefully go through the closets in your bedroom. Collect all the items that you no longer need. Things that are still useful can be donated, while anything broken can tossed in the trash.
    Remember what is useless for you can be of immense value to others!
  • Rearrange the items in your closet. Store all the important items not of immediate use but you’ll need later. One very good and effective way of cleaning your closet is to store all out of season clothing. However, don’t forget to wash and thoroughly clean them before packing them away!
  • Last but by no means least are the items that you require on a regular basis. Make sure that you have all such items properly arranged at a place where you can reach for them as you require.
  • Sanitize the floor of your bedroom. Dust and mop for any dirt. Get your carpets cleaned by a professional or vacuum them thoroughly and spot treat them.
  • Don’t forget to dust air vents, switch plates, and door knobs. Dust and clean your walls and ceiling.
  • Dust the fan. You might require a mixture of mild dish soap and water to wipe the fan clean with a clean piece of cloth before putting it back in its place.

You are now done with your bedroom! Every item is exactly where it should be. The room is now uncluttered, organized, and clean thanks to these spring cleaning tips. Look around and take a bow!

Spring Cleaning Tips


The dining room is an integral part of any household. This is the area where the family meets and shares happy moments. This area needs to be clean and inviting. Following these simple steps will ensure that you have a neat and clean dining area in your house.

  • Let’s start off with the wooden pieces in your dining room. These include dining chairs, tables, cabinets, sideboards, and more. These pieces, however, require careful handling or else there is always a risk of lasting damage.
  • The first step should be to ascertain whether these items require thorough cleaning. If so, use an oil soap to clean stuck on dirt.
  • Once you’re done with that, the next step will be to condition the pieces that will prevent them from drying. Add wood cleaner on a piece of clean cloth and then wipe in even passes over the pieces until you have covered the entire area. You can use a spray oil to clean the wood of grime, grease, wax build-up, as well as dust.
  • Use the same method to clean the cabinets and paneling doors.
  • Replenish your furniture by polishing it. Clean the furniture with oil soap using a soft cloth before applying the polish. Spread the polish evenly. Polish will remove the dust and stains and will add luster and protect the wood.
  • Scratches on wood can be efficiently filled by specialty pastes. Carefully rub it on the mark and allow it to dry. Buff it off until the wax shines. However, read the instructions carefully before applying it, so you don’t miss any important steps.
  • Once the furniture is taken care off, you can train your attention towards cleaning the drapes and curtains in the area. Wash them per their instructions. If they’re too soiled or dirty, you might want to get them dry cleaned.
  • Cleaning and dusting the walls come next. Take particular care to clean the side corners of the wall and rid them of dust and cobwebs.
  • Light fixtures, as well as ceiling fans, should come next on your agenda.
  • Use a dusting cloth to wipe and dust each blade of the fan on both sides.
  • The fan motor also needs to be dusted properly so that it continues to work in top condition.
  • Light fixtures should be very carefully taken down and washed with gentle dish soap and water.
  • Dry them completely with a hand dryer or a clean towel before putting them back in place.
  • Clean all the windows and window sills by dusting them. This will rid them of dust and dirt. You can also use polish to add shine and luster to your windows.
  • Once everything is done, you have to take care of the flooring. If you have carpeted floor, the best thing will be to vacuum clean the entire area.
  • If you have wood flooring, then the best thing will be to test a small hidden area with the cleaning product before applying it on the entire floor. If you find the product to have no negative impact on the floor, then you can use it on the rest of the floor, but strictly as per instructions.
  • If you have tile flooring, then the best thing would be to wipe the floor with polish so that it regains its lost shine.

What’s important here is that you have not spent much money on getting a sparkling clean home with these spring cleaning tips. All you needed were simple cleaning products like brooms, dusters, polish, and spray, that are readily available in most households. Shop LC offers Low-cost equipment perfect for cleaning your home, all with the Lowest price guarantee. Check out all of our great home solutions!

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