There are always new designs and ideas that you can incorporate. With spring decorating trends 2022, learn what is trending this season. Moreover, discover what spring décor colors can you include in your home this season. We got your back!

Sometimes spring décor can demand more of our time than we expect. However, it becomes easier if the work is split equally among the family. This way, things don’t fall on one set of shoulders. All contribute their part while having fun!


With this article, we will share some tips and tricks. They can help transform your house in a way you’ve always dreamt.

I’d say home décor is the easiest and most fun thing to do. But sometimes the first step is the hardest.

Let’s get started with the spring decorating trends 2022 hunt!


Handmade Yellow Basket Elephant Wind Chimes

This handcrafted yellow wind chime is beyond words. You are sure to feel flattered by its beauty. This piece will give your home a sound of positivity and happiness with the gorgeous wind chimes. It will serve a dual purpose. The wind chime is said to attract peace and prosperity and will also serve as a beautiful spring home décor.

Try hanging it on your back patio. It is sure to attract attention. The wind chime is said to imbibe happy and cheerful vibes. Its magnificent spring colors, beads, elephants, and bells are a pleasure to the eyes. Your kids and grandkids will adore this new addition to your home!


Off White Handcrafted Decorative Floral Wall Mirror

We all love admiring ourselves while looking at the mirror. And why should we not? Indeed, we all are beautiful women that deserve self-love and care.

Whether going to the office, a colleague’s party, or for any other reason, we need our mirror. To get a glimpse of our make-up and attire, this floral wall mirror has got you covered.

It is an example of the finest artisans’ creativity and art. It is great to be placed in your dressing zone. This floral wall mirror is handmade. You can also gift this highly durable product to your daughters or granddaughters.


Bali Multi Color Mosaic Glass Handmade Owl Lamp

This lamp will be a classic addition to your spring decorating trends in 2022. It will enhance the architectural attributes of your home. Although handmade from premium quality material, this light can be purely used as a charming decorative piece.

It is visually very appealing, making it a perfect fit as a daytime showpiece. Isn’t it great? It is definitely worth buying.

It is made from hand-cut pieces of high-quality glass. Plus, the combination of multi colors is just terrific! Furthermore, it will cast a beautiful pattern over its surrounding as the warm light filters through.


Hand Carved Feng Shui Wealth Money Toad

This aesthetic hand-carved serpentine money toad is not just ideal as a spring décor trend. In addition, it also brings a lot of good vibes and energy to your home.

This toad with a coin in its mouth is believed to have the exceptional power to ward off evil spirits and attract wealth and prosperity. You can place it in any corner of your house.

The toad frog design is made from serpentine. The design of this figurine is perfect is to creating good Feng Shui energy in your home. This is a must-add piece to your 2022 spring décor list. The best part is that it can blend well with any interior type!


Designer Inspired Artisan Commissioned Bali Handblown Molten Glass Bowl with Wood Base

If you have been looking for a fascinating designer piece then your search can be finally over with this bowl art piece. This art piece features clear recycled glass and wood.

Crafted of artistic imagery, it is uniquely authentic and eye-appealing on all grounds. The glass also holds a cultural reference and is hand blown in the traditional Balinese way.

It is crafted using a natural product and hand tools. If you are an eco-friendly person, then this piece deserves to be a part of your spring décor.


Golden and Black Buddha Head Statue

If you want to give a taste of spirituality to your home décor, this is your piece. This Buddha statue not only makes a great piece of sacred décor but also adds personality.

Buddha is the founding pillar of Buddhism. His teachings are practiced by people worldwide. Placing a Buddha statue in your home is said to attract a lot of positive energy.

This statue features a Buddha with eyes closed. It also has an ornate design on the head, adding more beauty to this elegant piece.


HOMESMART Blue Color Handwoven Digital Printed Rug Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles

This definitely would be the most crucial part of your spring 2022 home décor. Frankly, getting ‘The Best’ rug for your entrance or guest room is not easy. But, a beautiful print and colors are the definition of spring décor colors 2022. The vibrant hue of this carpet will get you hooked.

The intricate prints will capture your attention. It is tailored to be durable and long-lasting. This rug is an ideal fit to create your own cozy space in any corner of your home. So bring this home and spend some quality time playing with your grandkids.

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