In 2017, it was all about extreme contouring, wavy eyebrows, and blinding highlights. This year, it’s all about celebrating our natural beauty.  Beauty that comes in different shapes and color. Incorporating spring makeup trends has never been easier, as all you need to do is to be yourself.



Two women with minimal makeup, showcasing healthy looking skin.

Showing off minimalistic makeup is perfect to celebrate inner beauty, as it encourages us to care for ourselves. The point of spa skin is to show off your skin’s healthiest state by maintaining very little face makeup.



Woman having black eyeliner applied.

Since the beginning, black eyeliner has been in fashion as it accentuates anyone’s eyes effortlessly. It’s a timeless way to add drama with eye makeup while making them sexier than ever before. The new trend is to make your cat-eyeliner shorter and fatter to make the eyes seem rounder and fuller. If you want to achieve a more smudged effect, use pencil eyeliner and smoke out the bottom of the line with some black eyeshadow. If you want something dramatic and pigmented, you can go for a black liquid eyeliner. However, as liquid eyeliners are notorious for being very difficult to control, consider using a gel eyeliner instead.



Woman with minimalistic makeup and bright red lipstick.

If spa skin isn’t daring enough, try adding a pop of color to your minimalistic makeup. Whether it’s through eyeshadow, lip makeup or even blush, adding a splash of color is a great way to editorialize with your look. It adds dimension to your face while creating a spotlight on the colored facial feature. It looks fashionable, effortless and couture.



Woman with dramatic blue eye makeup.

Struggling to pick a color? Try blue – the fashion scene’s newest IT-color. It looks good with anyone’s skin tone, as blue can either highlight cool skin tones or contrast beautifully with warm skin tones. Do something extremely dramatic and choose cobalt blue. Cobalt blue is striking and is one of the most popular fashion color choices currently available.

Still want to incorporate blue without the drama? Try using blue highlighter instead. The cool-toned highlighter makes the highlights blinding and daring without taking from your minimalistic look.



Closeup of woman with metallic lipstick.

Metallics aren’t just for Fall. As we all know, early 2000’s fashion is making a rebound this season. In the early 21st Century, shiny lips and were the IT thing when it came to fashion.

Metallic lipstick is a modern spin on classic shiny lip gloss. The lipstick removes the glossy film that happens after several hours of wear and the stickiness of the texture. Metallic lipstick is also great because it adds an opaque shine that pairs well with minimalistic makeup.



Woman applying blush to her cheek.

Blush is popular, as adding a flush of color on the cheeks immediately makes someone look more youthful. This innocent look is also an easy way to incorporate pastels inspired directly from Spring!


Overall, this season is all about showing off your differences by toning down your makeup. Makeup should always make someone feel more confident, rather than covering up “mistakes.” So, let’s show off our healthy skin!

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