With Fashion Week officially ending, here is a list of Shop LC’s favorite trends for the Spring/Summer 2019 season! This year is all about classics with a twist – showing that some trends are truly timeless.


We are all in love with yellows as it is the color of sunshine and cheer. This season, marigold is one of the hottest colors to hit the runway as designers are incorporating the color inspired by the sunny spring season.

Marigold beads paired with floral vest

Since marigold is such a bold color, use the color to add a pop of color without washing out the rest of your outfit. If you want to experiment with the marigold trend, we recommend jewelry as it is less of a financial commitment while still staying on trend. For example, you could pair a floral vest with a marigold beaded necklace for a timelessly trendy look.


Ruffles is another classic trend that is popping up everywhere on the runway. Initially worn by royalty to show off their wealth and social status, ruffles are extremely flattering for everyone while giving off a sense of elegance. We love the ruffles trend as it is extremely flattering on everyone and you can style this simple trend however you want!

Green kimono with ruffles

If you are still unsure of the trend, pair a classic white T-shirt and some skinny jeans with a ruffle kimono. The ruffles will add a fun texture while the kimono will elongate anyone who wears it, giving you a casual yet chic look.

Tie Dye

Once popular in the mid-1960s, tie-dye is the ultimate pattern that represents self-expression and freedom. It is fun and unique as not all tie-dye colors and patterns are exactly the same. We are inspired by the tie-dye trend as it proves that even the most casual pattern can be considered chic in the eyes of the most prestigious fashion designer.

Black and white tie-dye shirt on mannequin

Tie dye is a loud pattern that some people may be intimidated of. Although traditional tie-dye dictates that we add the craziest colors together to create a bold piece, monochromatic tie-dye is also in style. Not only is it effortlessly cool, but it is also appropriate in a casual office setting!

Victorian Puffy Shoulders

This is another trend that is inspired by Victorian royalty. Puffy shoulders are a chic and dramatic way to spruce up dresses that is unique and looks great on everyone. Because the puffy sleeves are so bold and dramatic, it often gives a slimming illusion that would flatter anyone.

Victorian inspired 3-stone ring

If you are inspired by the Victorian era but do not want to style such a bold trend, consider wearing Victorian-inspired jewelry! This Xavier jewelry is often bold yet elegant, imitating the luxurious flair from Victorian royalty.

Bigger and Bolder Jewelry

Finally, we love the chunky jewelry trend. Jewelry is often used to commemorate special occasions or to elevate an outfit without looking too tacky. We also love the chunky jewelry trend as it is a fun way to experiment with bolder jewelry trends.

Big and bold green cluster ring

If you are unsure of the bigger and bolder jewelry trend but still want to try it anyways, Shop LC has a lot of rings that are dramatic and beautiful. It is a fun yet smaller way to experiment with the trend, and bigger rings often elongate the fingers.

What are some of your favorite Fashion Week trends that emerged this season? Let us know down in the comments below!

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