Why is star ruby the rarest type of ruby? Most rubies cannot show the rare star effect, known as asterism. This rare phenomenon also requires great skill from gem cutters. Their expert efforts form these jewels into cabochons, a domed jewel that helps the star effect shine!

Sterling silver Balinese ring.


Special inclusions form in some stones. They can take many shapes. Sometimes they are needles. When needle-like inclusions line up, they create a chatoyant band. In some stones, we call this the “cat’s eye.” But when these lines cross over one another, creating rays, they are known as stars.

Chatoyancy provides a sense of movement within a gem. By shifting the viewing angle, one can see how the effect dances just below the surface of these jewels. It is easy to see how these twinkling stars can make a person fall in love!

The crystal structure of a gemstone affects how many points a star will show. Ruby and sapphire, both varieties of corundum, typically show six rays. Other gems might show only four, or up to six.


Red gems often are seen as invigorating, and many think they help with matters of the heart, both literal and figurative. It then comes as no surprise that rubies have a long association with love, passion, and romance.

For most of us, they are the quintessential red gem! Ruby is the modern July birthstone, and is sometimes linked to Aries.

Star gems are often seen as stimulating hope. And with star ruby, you are encouraged to wish upon its star. Many see the energy of this red gem as a reminder to keep going, and as a symbol of better days ahead. Kunz describes star ruby and sapphire as being lucky stones in some Eastern cultures.


These heavenly jewels are treasured in many kinds of jewelry. Star ruby rings, however, are one of the most popular options. It seems that having a star shooting from your fingertip is an appealing dream many of us share!


From the Bali Legacy Collection comes this mysterious dragon ring. An Eastern-style dragon coils around the six-rayed star sapphire, guarding it closely.

Sterling silver dragon ring.

While in the West we see dragons as agents of chaos and evil, it is much different in the East. Eastern dragons often represent virtues like strength and wisdom or symbolize ideas like supernatural power and hidden knowledge.

Could this dragon be protecting the star ruby meaning? Or perhaps they are ready to share its lore as the dragon perches on your finger!


It’s hard to complement the incredible natural beauty of a star ruby ring, but that doesn’t stop our designers!

Ruby halo ring in sterling silver.

Evoking a swirling galaxy in the cosmos, a single ruby gem sits at the center of a white topaz halo. By using the infrequently seen marquis cut, a sense of deliberate movement is leant to the ring.

As the universe unfolds at its own pace, so too are we reminded that things in life will come in their own time. We only need to be patient.  


Another stunning selection of Bali jewelry is this three stone ring. Ornate filigree and bead granulation adorns this piece from shank to crown.

Bali ring in sterling silver.

In folklore, the Three Sisters are the three stars that make the Belt of Orion. Easy to spot in the night sky, it is an astronomical asterism! While in jewelry we use it to describe the star effect, astronomy uses it to describe easily seen groups of stars in the night sky.


This men’s star ruby ring is one of our favorites! A generous oval cabochon rests securely against sterling silver with a black finish.

Men's ruby ring in sterling silver.

Subtle texture adds visual interest, ranging from the beadwork at the edges of the ring, to the woven patterns adoring the ring’s shank. Subtle lines keep the ring feeling bold and masculine without looking to old-fashioned.

It’s a men’s ring that feel modern yet traditional, hearkening back to the popularity of star rubies in vintage jewelry from the 40s and 50s. It’s the contemporary update to grandpa’s ring I’d love to own.

Now the night sky doesn’t have to feel so far away!

Star gaze with star ruby jewelry from Shop LC.
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