Growing up as a Navy brat, I’ve had the privilege of living in many different states. Each has a unique vibe, but one thing remains the same – the people that live there contribute to the fabric that makes up our great country! The brand-new state necklace collection from Shop LC celebrates our fifty states, highlighting key cities and symbols of each.

Each state pendant is crafted in precious sterling silver. Shop LC artisans have created a sharp relief of detail so that landmarks and city names stand out for easy reading. These pendants feature a lightly weathered finish, helping provide even more contrast for a unique collectible and memento.

These state necklaces make the perfect gift for any American who wants to show their state pride. They are also a fun collectible – can you imagine picking one up for every state you visit?

Moving around so much really exposes you to a bunch of different people. Sometimes, it also makes it hard to decide where your hometown is. Even though I was born in Virginia, I grew up in Hawaii. And I have to say, a Hawaiian childhood is something I’ll always treasure.

Sterling silver Hawaii state pendant.

The Hawaii state pendant captures the major islands that make up this island state – easily spot the Big Island of Hawaii, plus Maui, Oahu, and more! Even historic Pearl Harbor makes an appearance. And the pendant includes an image of a battleship, recognizing the loss of American service members during the attack on Pearl Harbor that preceded America’s involvement in World War II.

Sterling silver Arizona state pendant.

Our Arizona pendant gives a snapshot of what we love about this southwestern state. A representation of the Grand Canyon features prominently, along with major Arizona cities. You might recognize Tucson, home of the annual Tucson gem and mineral shows. Here, Shop LC makes major purchases as we scour the stalls for amazing new gemstones to share with you. Visiting Tucson is an amazing experience, and it’s always a privilege to share our experiences with you.

Sterling silver Texas state pendant.

Texas is my adopted home, but you know it as the home of Shop LC! The Texas state necklace features many major Texas cities such as Austin (our capitol and Shop LC home), San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. Many key landmarks and state symbols adorn this Texas pendant. Can you spot the Alamo or the oil pumps? What about the armadillo or steer skull?

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