This summer parents have to be more careful while staying at home. With the ongoing crisis, one has to be more careful than ever. With many schools not opening anytime soon, playing in their backyard is an obvious solution. Did you know? Since last year using backyard spaces is up 72%!

Father and son playing with water guns in the backyard.

Backyard activities like trampolines, monkey bars, pools, and swings excite kids. However, these can be harmful without adult supervision. In a study conducted by National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), outdoor activities resulted in more than 15000 emergency visits last year. Moreover, the average age group of the people who were injured was 17 years old.

Safe Home

Safe Home is an organization that has come up with some safety guidelines to keep children and adults safe this summer. This precautionary checklist is useful to avoid mishaps. This summer we want you to be safe, happy, and enjoying being at home.

Many of us are staying home this summer.  This means children are in more fun recreational activities. And while they’re fun,  outdoor activities can lead to unexpected incidents.

Study shows that most backyard accidents occurred due to trampolines. Monkey bars and porches/balconies, sliding boards, and swings follow in emergency room visits last year. 

To ensure a safe summer without comprising on the fun, review this safety checklist.

Outdoor Activities And Its Danger

Studies have shown that trampolines are the most dangerous activity for children. Each year trampolines cause 85000 to 100000 injuries. Monkey bars is another activity that needs adult supervision. It results in 2804 emergency visits a year. This is followed by porches, balconies, open side floors. Therefore, it’s important for parents to look after children while they’re playing in the backyard. A little carelessness could be dangerous.

Parents should be alert about porches, balconies, and open side floors. Railings, floorboards, and staircases must be in good repair. This sort of negligence can be dangerous for adults and children.

Common Injuries

Per the study, children between 2 to11 are most likely to be injured. Next are kids ages 12 to19, followed by the adults in their 20s.

It’s no surprise that fractures, sprains, contusions, and lacerations, are the most common backyard injuries. However, we can be bring this down with proper supervision.

The most common injuries are to the head, face, legs, hands, arms, feet, and neck.

Younger children are more prone to fractures. Teens are more vulnerable to sprains or ankle injuries. While adults need to be more careful about fractures or any other serious injuries.

Swim Safe This Summer 

Of course, we all love swimming on hot summer days. Who doesn’t? As much fun as it is, there are risks. 

About 27% of parents have a private pool in their backyard. And 1 in 5 has said that they do not have any concerns regarding backyard play. An average of 3500 to 4500 people drown every year. Can you imagine? An average of 10 drownings per day.

Built-in swimming pools alone account for 61% of emergency visits per year. Now, this is serious. Diving boards and swimming pool slides are next. The former resulted in 26% and the latter resulted in 6% of the emergency cases. Lacerations, internal organ damage, fractures, abrasions, sprains, and submersions are the most common pool injuries.

Backyard Activity Safety Checklist

The following are some of the most common outdoor activities. Check out these safety tips to play safe this summer.


Before getting on the trampoline ensure the bolts are tight. Springs should be in the correct position. Also, consider safety nets and padding over the frame and springs. Use adult supervision while children are playing.

Playground Equipment 

Teach children how to play with monkey bars, swings, and slides.


Install fencing around pools to avoid drowning. Don’t let kids to swim alone. Use a designated chaperone to help avoid an emergency.

Porches And Balconies 

Install safety netsto enclose any open space between rails. Use gates at the top and bottom of the stairs to deny access. Avoid keeping any sharp objects at the edge that may cause injury.


Keep a bucket of water nearby for soaking used fireworks. Never stand close to a firework. Light them at a distance and away from people and property. 


Always use a grill away from plants, property, and railings. Remember to clean it after use and use drip trays to collect grease.

Air Conditioner

Call a service person to check your AC before summer starts. Protect your ground unit by installing a fence around it. Ensure vents are clean and unblocked. Also, make sure windows are safely installed.

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