Dance is an art form involving the performance of a thoughtfully chosen pattern of human movement. These movements have artistic and symbolic value and are acknowledged as DANCE. Choreography is a vital element when it comes to the categorization of dance.

History of Dance

It has been believed that before the discovery of any written language, dance was a significant form of narrating stories and passing them down from one generation to another. The use of dance in delirious dream-like states and ceremonies is an additional early factor in the social progress of dance.

There are many references to dance in recorded history. Horos, a Greek dance was referred by Aristotle, Plato, Lucian, and Plutarch. Looking into religious literature, the Bible and Talmud mention many events linked to dance and cover over 30 distinct dance terms! As early as the Neolithic period, in Chinese pottery, groups of people are depicted dancing and holding hands in a line, and the first Chinese word for ‘dance’ is seen embossed on oracle bones. In the Lüshi Chunqiu, there is a further description of the dance.

In the first epoch BCE in India, many manuscripts were created which tried to collate features of daily life. The text of dramaturgy, also known as Bharata Muni’s is one of these ancient texts. It principally goes with drama that is narrated by dance. It classifies dance into four forms – secular, ritual, abstract, and, interpretive. The text expands numerous hand-gestures also known as mudras and categorizes actions of the many limbs, steps and so on.

International Dance Day poster.

What is International Dance Day?

This day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), the principal partner of UNESCO for the performing arts. Formed in 1982, an outstanding dance personality is selected by the ITI and International Dance Committee to write a message for International Dance Day every year.

This day is celebrated for those who understand the value and significance of this unique art form. It’s also believed to be a wake-up call for politicians, governments and institutes who are still unaware of its value and potential for economic growth.

When is it Celebrated?

International World Dance Day is celebrated every year on April 29.

Is There a Dancer Inside You?

Whether you are a pro dancer or an appreciator of this fantastic dance form, dance is always refreshing. There are plenty of dance forms that might catch your attention. Whether you love classic dance forms like step dance, or contemporary moves, make dance an essential part of your life.

Do you love dancing? Share your favorite dance style in the comments below! 

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