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Discount Sterling Silver Jewelry Under $10

sterling silver jewelry under $10

Secrets to Scoring Sterling Silver Jewelry Under $10

Sterling silver is the most common precious metal used in jewelry today, which comes as no surprise! With a gleaming white finish, reliable strength and universal appeal, sterling silver jewelry is always in demand. From diamond wedding ring sets to pieces like graduation jewelry designed for more casual wear, sterling silver jewelry can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Popular sterling silver pieces like rings, necklaces, and bracelets make the perfect gifts for both women and men, especially when they can be snagged for less than $10! Join Shop LC as we shed light on the historical price of silver and the low cost of our current sterling silver jewelry collection. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the price point!

The Historical Price of Silver

Sterling silver has been used since humanity’s earliest days as a means of barter and trade. Cultures across the ancient world each developed similar but unique ways of assessing the value of silver. One constant seen everywhere is the metal’s quality of desirability to always possess value and worth. Besides its obvious use in jewelry and currency, silver also has utility in manufacturing and historical use in medicine.

The price of sterling silver has been on the rise in recent years. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, prices remained consistent, with significant climbs since the year 2000. Compared to the last three decades, the value of silver has nearly tripled. Thanks to its reliability as an investment material, silver prices are projected to continue to climb for the foreseeable future. Some experts have even dubbed silver “the new gold” due to its exponential growth.

What is Sterling Silver?

Pure silver, like any precious metal, is not suitable for working into jewelry on its own. Instead, these valuable metals are made of alloys. An alloy introduces an additional metal to help improve strength or appearance of the primary metal. In sterling silver, copper is used to give sterling silver the strength it needs to be worn whenever you want. For a metal to be called silver in the United States, it must be at least 92.5 percent silver. You might see this stamped on your sterling silver jewelry with a 925 hallmark, indicating the jewelry’s purity. The 925 marking simply denotes that 925 parts of the metal (or 92.5 percent) is pure silver. This allows it be sold as genuine sterling silver. These marks might also be stamped as just “silver” or “sterling silver.” Despite the differences, all these marks mean the same thing; you’re holding a piece of real, high-quality sterling silver!


Why Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry?

With its price continually on the rise and the availability of other metals such as gold and stainless steel, why choose sterling silver jewelry? Sterling Silver is a white metal, just like platinum. However, when crafted and polished, platinum and silver take on notably different appearances. Platinum possesses a stunning gray-white sparkle, while highly-polished silver gleams with a pure white light. Polished silver shines so brightly because it reflects over 90 percent of the light that strikes its surface!

In addition to its appearance, sterling silver’s malleable nature lends it to a variety of creative uses in jewelry. It can be hammered thin to make rings, pulled into wire for earrings, and shaped or sculpted into a fascinating range of forms. With a dependable metal memory, sterling silver retains its shape well, making it an exceptional choice for any jewelry you plan on wearing daily.

Sterling silver jewelry under $10 is a great way to own a striking piece crafted in a precious metal. Many pieces feature simulated or genuine gemstones that enhance its appeal. Shop LC boasts a veritable host of exotic and exciting gems, sourced ethically through our network of vendor partnerships across the globe.

What is the Best Way to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry?

The biggest perk of sterling silver jewelry outside of its lasting value is that it requires very little upkeep for easy care. Though it’s susceptible to tarnish, a form of oxidation, use of readily available silver cleaners can keep it sparkling for years to come. And if your new jewelry piece is set with a stunning gemstone, follow our quick and straightforward jewelry cleaning guide.


How Does Shop LC Sell Inexpensive Sterling Silver Jewelry for Under $10?

Our partnerships within the jewelry industry, forged through years of mutual success, have allowed Shop LC to consistently offer the best prices around for jewelry of all types – including precious sterling silver!

Besides sourcing raw materials at a great value, the majority of our manufacturing occurs through our own factories. This cuts out the dreaded middleman, historically the source for much of the markup seen when any commodity is traded, but especially jewelry. Retailer price hikes can be up to 75 percent (or higher!) than the original cost of the item. While that’s perfect for the retailer’s bottom line, it hurts the consumer’s pocket. Shop LC fights this problem by offering jewelry, accessories and a host of other incredible products with a daily low cost. Not only that, but we’re so confident that you’ll find the best value, we back our claims with our lowest price guarantee. It’s our promise that we’ll make things right if it’s offered for a lower price elsewhere, and we’ll pay you for it too!

Shop Discount Sterling Silver Jewelry

Start exploring our expansive range of sterling silver jewelry under $10 today! These low-cost treasures are crafted from precious sterling silver, and many feature beautiful simulated or genuine gemstones that lend a premium, designer look. For even more savings, discover your options for sterling silver jewelry through online auctions!

Take everyday glamour to the next level by browsing our sterling silver engagement rings, or purchase an everyday piece to match your work wardrobe like our heart-shaped rings and necklaces. Whether shopping for yourself, a significant other, a family member or a friend, the array of sterling silver rings, bracelets, necklaces and more from Shop LC are certain to please.

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