January 21 Starts Aquarius Season!

Since the earliest times, we’ve connected ourselves with the heavens. Many feel they can impact our destinies and fate. To those people, the sign you are born under influences your personality and character, and even your health! For those reasons, some seek out zodiac gemstones that can amplify these strengths and support perceived weakness.

Freedom-loving Aquarians are known for their independent streak. Blowing like the wind, those born under Aquarius embrace change while maintaining a cheerful disposition that helps them stay focused on their goals.

With a love of learning and an adventurous spirit, Aquarians are always looking for the next big thing. This can be off-putting at times, making it difficult for potential partners to keep up. Idealistic, and with a love of debate, the truth of life can sometimes create a rift between their dreams and reality.

Gemstones for Aquarius

Aquarians often resist confinement and avoiding things that will tie them down. It can damage their well-being. Aquarians might seek out stones that help nurture their thirst for information and learning. They may also seek out stones that help them connect to the greater world around them. Here are five gemstones for Aquarians.

For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.


Malagasy Labradorite Ring in Black Oxidized Sterling Silver

A stone of intuition, labradorite is useful in realizing our goals. It aids composure, which is perfect for the restless spirit of an Aquarian. By comforting their rambling natures, labradorite may help the Aquarius focus on their creative mind. In particular, spectrolite is especially profound. This high-quality variety of labradorite is said to be especially beneficial to the needs of this wind sign.


Color Change Fluorite Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

A sleeper hit, fluorite is still not widely known. However, this stone of understanding is a useful tool. For debate-loving Aquarians, accepting the cold, hard truth can be a struggle. However, fluorite is said to help us better grasp intellectual concepts. This is especially useful to Aquarius, who might, at times, struggle with accepting other views.


Santa Maria Aquamarine, Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

This birthstone isn’t just for March babies! For an Aquarian, aquamarine can become a tool for digesting complex feelings and achieving a sense of unity. Notably, the stone creates a sense of balance between our desire for freedom and independence while maintaining healthy boundaries. For those born Aquarius, this is valuable, as many share feelings of struggle and constraint.


Matrix Chestnut Brine Turquoise Pendant in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

For the Aquarian, life is a never-ending buffet of experience. At times, this might feel overwhelming, especially when this desire to live and do creates disharmony in their lives. Leading to feelings of despair, this might express itself in mood swings. Thankfully, turquoise is a gem with a reputation for regulating one’s mood. It is a temperance stone, providing an anchor when the feelings of an Aquarian might give way to hopelessness and despair.


London Blue Topaz, Multi Gemstone Tennis Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

One of the most valuable stones in any gem arsenal, topaz is a gem of self-realization. While any topaz might be useful to Aquarius, blue topaz is particularly special. Gem therapists tell us blue topaz attracts creativity. Some say it helps us achieve our goals. As a bonus to Aquarius, gem therapists say topaz increases our receptivity to new ideas. For this debate-loving sign, this is great to help them see another’s point of view.

Gold Aquarius pendant.

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What gem would you give to the Aquarius in your life? Tell us in the comments!

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