Every year Father’s Day is celebrated with one goal in mind – Giving dad whatever he wants. Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16, and we’ll have an opportunity to show him our love and gratitude. However, this year, let’s do something different and more meaningful. How about giving him the gift of relaxation? Read on to discover different ways to help him relax and celebrate a stress-free Father’s Day.

Is relaxation a gift? Absolutely! It shows how much you care, plus it is much better than giving him another tie that’ll just be lost in his closet.  By doing a little bit of creative thinking, you can ensure that your father (or father figure) can enjoy the ultimate gift—quality time to relax on Father’s Day.

Father and son wrestling in the yard.

Plan the Day as He Likes

Don’t forget that this day is all about him! While making plans, ask yourself, “what are his likes, or will he like the activity?” Keep in mind that your plan must include something that he will enjoy. If he is the person who loves to relax and read books or listen to music, let him do just that!

A Breakfast Picnic

Just like fire and ice, terms like “kids” and “relax” can never go together. Therefore, kids planning something for dad is quite surprising and extraordinary! Make a delicious breakfast for your dad or help the kids prepare a picnic breakfast for their dad on Father’s Day. Enjoying his favorite dish and having a stress-free day with children will make him feel like a kid again too.

Father and son feeding each other a home cooked meal.

Add Tranquility to His Desk

Offices are often a stressful and chaotic place. A desktop plant on dad’s desk is an easy way to add an element of calmness to his office space. It is an effective way to extend tranquility and positivity. Give him a plant for his office desk that is easy to maintain —such as a lucky bamboo plant, that said to bring luck and success to those who own one.

A Relaxing Romantic Dinner

Give him a romantic moment to relax with his better half. Get a babysitter for your kids or book a romantic dinner for your mom and dad at his favorite place and let them enjoy a relaxing romantic night. He might never admit it, but he also loves to be pampered. A romantic getaway is something that he’s sure to love.

Let Him Enjoy Time with Friends

He’s  hardworking, a loving husband, and an admirable father. On this Father’s Day, give him time off and let him do one thing that he rarely does – a get together with friends. A day-outing or get-together with his buddies will relieve his stress and revive his spirit. Once he is back, sit with him and listen to his “you had to see it” stories, and you’re sure to see the excitement of a kid after his first cycle ride.

A bunch of dads having a night out!

Try the Old-fashioned Way

Just letting him zone out is probably the most old-fashioned yet effective way to help him relax. When he comes home from work, give him time to settle down and change into something comfortable. Tell the kids to stay away and don’t make noise. Make him a nice cocktail while he is relaxing on the couch, watching his favorite TV show.

Dad has many responsibilities. It is easy to understand that he finds little time to relax. Therefore, making this a stress-free Father’s Day is the most beautiful gift you can give.

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