When done right, colors can be energizing and full of life. Color pairs play a vital role in making or breaking an outfit and your appearance. So, it’s natural to feel uneasy when experimenting with a new combination of tones. But that doesn’t mean that the horizon is just limited to old head-to-toe classic black. Here, we take you on a fashion journey through dark and light colors that will enhance and excite your style. From bright yellow and bold green to blushing pink and sophisticated gray, this fashion guide will teach you how to style colors without clashing. Ready to embrace playful color? This year, rock your look by following these tips.

What Colors are Light and Dark?

Before moving ahead, it is essential to familiarize yourself with dark and light colors. Understanding the nature of color makes you a pro when it comes to color pairing.

Darks: Grays, blacks, navy, reds, dark purples and similar colors sort into this category.

Lights: Pastel-type colors such as pinks, lavenders, light blues, lights greens and yellows are in this category.

How to Style with Dark Colors?

There’s a common impression that darker colors are depressing and gloomy. Some people avoid using darker shades in their clothing for this reason. But that’s not the truth! When executed wisely, dark colors can build a dramatic, cozy, and full of life appearance.

Here are some tips to follow when styling dark colors:

  • Use Dark Colors to Unify – For those who like the eclectic styling, dark colors are an excellent choice. Dark accessories, bold shoes, and playful jewelry possess a unique way of uniting different elements and fashioning a cohesive look.

Flat lay of outfit with dark skirts and white T-Shirt

  • Dark Colors for Any Size – Despite what many people think, dark colors are a good choice for every size. These colors can be dramatic, thus creating a much more significant presence. Usually, we think light colors do the work but for someone who loves dark color, they don’t disappoint. A dark palette is excellent to warm up and add coziness to your look. Remember, deep hues are not confined to any size!


  • Create Contrast and Balance – It is crucial to generating contrast and balance with dark colors. A mix of materials works well here. Use different textured fabrics to create a balance. Light and/or bold colored jewelry and accessories are excellent for popping against dark-colored clothing and vice versa.


  • Use Energizing Darks – When styling a look with a dark color palette, some crisp and energizing darks make an optimum choice. Consider glossy variants on handbags, scarves, and shoes. Washed out colors also go well in some cases, but too many give a gloomy and dull feeling. Keep your dark color pairing fresh and interesting by mixing them with bold accents.

How to Style with Light Colors?

  • Use White to Freshen Things Up – White is an excellent color to modernize and freshen up a look. Some think of white as a boring hue, but to the contrary, it’s timeless. White creates a contemporary feeling and a fresh, youthful spirit. When you are looking for a formal touch, the introduction of white makes it a fun play. A white top and white pumps paired with black jeans help you rock the look perfectly. White jewelry is an ideal choice for accenting dark hues.

Flat lay of woman's outfit with sharp red with light denim

  • Know Your Neutral – When it comes to light colors, neutrals stand high. For styling like a pro, it is important to learn how to use neutrals, and know which neutral is your companion. Some people look their best in charcoal, grey, or black, but at the contrast white, beige, ivory, or taupe creates a lovely flair. So, for a stylish look, it’s a key to know which neutral works best and then how to incorporate it.


  • Follow the Basics – Learning the best colors for you can be little exhausting. Understanding a color wheel makes it a lot easier. Following the basics is a good start. A color wheel will help you to know best color pairing and which lighter shades make the best match. White goes well with dark shades in creating a sensual and chic effect.

Flat lay of woman's outfit with denim and brown

  • Differentiate AM from PM – Light colors suit the bright day. Always style your look with light hues during the day. Pastels and shades of beige, ivory, white and grey go well with your look for long, lazy afternoons, chaotic days at work, shopping dates, and Sunday brunches. Keep the dark colors for the evening.

3 Lessons to Change Your Styling

Here are three lessons that will help you in styling colors without difficulty:

  • Think in Color Families – If you know the color wheel, you must have an idea of color families and how they work. When it is about styling, the best way is to think in the color family. It will provide you with the enormous opportunity as well as create a perfect balance within the colors. Like a mix of blue and orange, you can work with various hues within these two color families. Blue includes turquoise, neon, navy, and cobalt, while orange includes coral, grapefruit and tangerine. The secret is to know them!

Neon colorful accessories

  • Combination Always Works – Combination never goes out of style! They create a classic pairing that can be dressed up or down. Let’s take the classic pairing of blue and white. If you have planned to wear blue clothing, go for white accessories such as jewelry, footwear or a handbag for a dramatic pop of color.


  • Play with Percentages – A smart way to get even more out of a small color group is to flip-flop. Offering more space to a hue that was used an accent to your look. A blue dress paired with an orange handbag. It works well!

Whether you love the rich red, bright yellow, forever green or are a fan of stylish peach, trusting white or classic black, styling can be a fun game if you know your color. So, how do you style with your favorite dark and light colors? Share with us!

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