‘Tis the time of the year to be smiling, but how can you bring out that ‘cheese’ if your pout is dry and chapped? Lip care is essential all year-round, but especially when the sun is beating down and creating sensitive skin. Harsh UV rays play havoc with our skin and our delicate lips too. Here’s our easy recipe to combat the wear and tear of the summer sun to maintain soft and supple lips.

One simple care tip to keep your lips soft in the summer is to drink lots of water. As the summer sun is hot, your lips need extra water. Don’t lick your lips, no count how great those baked goods might look! Licking or wetting your lips too often can create irritation. This chaps lips and results in dry, flaky skin.

If you’ve already been to the hydration station, but you still have chapped lips, you should make lip care a priority and take appropriate steps to keep them hydrated and protected for the entire season.

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Exfoliate Weekly

You probably exfoliate your face and body as part of a regular skin routine, but are you including the often-neglected lips? Just like skin elsewhere, lips can also collect dead skin cells and residue. Exfoliating them weekly with a gentle scrub is an important step that shouldn’t be skipped. Apply the scrub on your clean lips, rub gently in a circular motion, then rinse off and pat dry. After exfoliating, follow-up with a coat of your favorite lip balm or lipstick with skin care benefits!

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Moisturize Daily

Lips getting exposed to excess heat, UV rays, moisture, and the air conditioner may be left feeling less than supple quite quickly. To keep dry and cracked lips at bay, moisturize your lips with hydrating lip balms, salves, conditioners, and butter. These lip balms are essential summer aids, especially those with SPF protection. Coconut oil is also an excellent option for hydrating dry, chapped lips in a snap!

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Makeup Removers

Keep it mellow when comes to removing makeup from your lips. Reach for things such as micellar water, which is a gentle, no-rinse cleansing option. You can also use coconut oil to remove that water-proof lipstick. Whatever solution you opt for, make sure you soak a cotton ball in the liquid and gently wipe away the makeup. This won’t require any rinsing or rubbing which will prevent drying lips out any further.

Woman removing make up using a cotton ball.

Following these lip care tips, you can have a perfectly prepped pucker, ready to seize the day.

  1. Follow a Healthy Diet Plan: A proper diet is essential not just for your skin but also for your lips. Nutrition reflects directly on the condition of your lips. It is imperative that you stay on a healthy diet to have lovely lips!
  2. Massage your Lips: You can use nourishing oils to rub down your lips for about 5 minutes every day. It improves the blood circulation in your lips and ensures that they get the nutrients that are needed.
  3. Use Lipsticks when Stepping Out: The good news is that you should use some lipstick before you step out in the sun. Since lips have no natural protection, wearing lipstick will help you add a layer of coverage. Try using lipsticks that protect your lips from the sun, dry air, dirt, and other outside factors.
  4. Always carry Lip Balm: You will never know when your lips might begin drying out. Make sure you have an excellent creamy and hydrating lip balm with you, even while you are traveling.
  5. Keep Your Lips Hydrated for Overnight: While we are awake, we know when our lips are getting dry, but this can be a trouble when you are asleep. The air around you tends to dry your lips while you are at rest. Make sure you use a heavy, hydrating lip cream or some petroleum jelly before you go to sleep.

Keep these amazing and simple tips in mind to get naturally healthy and soft lips. Take care and flaunt your perfect pout in style!

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