With summer in full swing, it’s time to capture some of that heat in stunning ruby jewelry! A stone of life and passion, it perfectly captures the season. But how do you style ruby jewelry for summer? Consider these styling tips for your next summer event, whether it’s a backyard barbecue or nighttime fireworks show.

Woman's hand holding popsicle and wearing ruby rings.

Ruby rings are practically essential. As a variety of corundum, ruby gemstones are great for rings. They have the durability to be worn every day and are ideal for active lifestyles. You can depend on a ruby ring as your trusty daily wear piece. Floral jewelry styles are great for summer months, and a trustworthy ruby solitaire ring is perfect no matter the time of year. It’s really up to you!

Woman in blue dress wearing a ruby bracelet.

As a statement piece, consider something like a hefty ruby bracelet. Playing well with neutrals like navy, beige, and black, a carefully selected ruby bracelet is great for adding that essential pop of color. When you’re showing off your favorite ruby pieces, sometimes less is more. A carefully selected accent piece can make a more significant impact than lots of jewelry worn together. But then again, sometimes more is more! As a stone of passion, sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

Woman's hand holding a popsicle against a clear sky.

Sometimes, a single line bracelet just isn’t enough! While you could try stacking them, a double line bracelet creates a bolder look while keeping things organized. It’s really the best of both worlds, as it gives a more prominent look without weighing you down.


What are your secrets for wearing ruby jewelry? Tag @shoplctv on Instagram and show us how you rock the July birthstone all year long!

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