Five Years in the Making

Are you ready for an exciting new jewelry collection? Versatile, affordable, and unique, Sunday’s Child by Chloe is the creation of Chloe Marshall. A veteran presenter from our British sister channel, TJC, Chloe has studied jewelry and fashion design for years, and this reflects in the available collections.

“I have been an avid jewelry collector for many years,” Chloe tells Shop LC. “It goes with the territory! In particular, I’ve been cataloging inspiration and following designers and brands across the globe. Five years in the making, I’m finally able to bring a unique collection to you.”

Versatility is a key factor in this jewelry line. From classic to trendy to traditional, these jewelry pieces defy boundaries.

“My goal is simple,” says Chloe. “I want to provide women of all ages a way of expressing their individuality through her jewelry collections.”


Serpent Collection

A designer staple, it’s as on trend now as it was in Ancient Greek and Rome. Classic, but with an edgy side, the Serpent Collection is easy to wear.

Gold snake ring with lapis lazuli stone.

Serpent Collection.

Chloe says, “It’s inspiration is an amazing vintage pendant I bought about 20 years ago.”

You’ll love wearing serpent jewelry with maxi dresses during the summer and with chunky knits in fall. It’s that versatile!


Saturn Collection

Showing a cool vibe, Saturn Collection jewelry draws inspiration from childhood visits to The Planetarium in London as well as summer evening under the stars!

Gold necklace with dark stone.

Saturn Collection.

“Classic color schemes and very tactile,” she tells us.


Scarab Collection

“I have inspiration from Cleopatra, made stronger by visiting the Museum of Cairo and its treasures.”

Scarab ring in yellow gold.

Scarab Collection.

Working with our artisans, this collection recreates a difficult technique seen in bespoke Italian jewelry.


Coral Collection

“My mother lives in Portugal and it is my second home. I love the ocean,” says Chloe “Swimming, snorkeling, and beach bar lunches!”

Pearl ring in custom setting with coral accents.

Coral Collection.

Earthy and dynamic settings complement organic shapes and textures. It’s a great way to create a statement look without old-fashioned pearl settings.


Charm Collection

Perfect for hoop earrings or charm rings, it shows how style can evolve.

Lightning bolt charm.

Charm Collection.

“This started with a ring gifted from a friend, from a trendy small shop in London, years ago.”

You’ll find many great transition pieces for any occasion or season. There are so many ways to use these charms!


Honeycomb Collection

“I live in the country and am doing all I can to look after the dwindling bee population. I have a bee hotel in the garden.”

Honeycomb pendant with tiger's eye accent.

Honeycomb Collection.

Inspired by the British countryside this is a collection that is quirky but has great textures and shapes, like the honeycombs in nature!


Sunday’s Child by Chloe makes it Shop LC debut on Sunday, October 18.

Watch Live from Noon to 4 PM CST.

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