Neon apatite is a very rare form of apatite. The southern Madagascar deposits were discovered in the 1980s. The name apatite is derived from the Greek word deceiver. Why? It is often mistaken for certain kinds of  tourmaline and beryl.

Apatite is available in a variety of colors, offering you many choices. It occurs in shades of blue to yellow, green, purple – even brown and black! This stone is found in United States, Canada, Mexico, Mexico, Pakistan, Norway, and Russia. Neon apatite at Shop LC comes from Madagascar.

Apatite is usually opaque but it can also be transparent. This stone is not very hard and ranks five on the Mohs scale of hardness. 

Some say that neon apatite is a good stone for teaching. Gem therapists suggest this stone is for anyone who wants to expand their communication skills. Not only this, but it also said to help in healing and bringing openness. It is also beneficial for those with anger and grief issues. Bring ease to yourself with this amazing stone! 


Shop LC is Delivering Joy and we are determined to add the same to your life with our enchanting jewelry. We have some amazing neon apatite jewelry that is waiting for your attention. Pick any piece of your choice, and be sure to gift someone worthy of this stone.


Electric Blue Gem Flower Stud Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

These flower stud earrings are inspired by beauty. The neon apatite stones are diligently set in prongs. The hue of this stone will give you an energetic vibe. It is a perfect pair to combine with any outfit. Beautifully constructed in platinum over sterling silver. Carry your vibe effortlessly with this gorgeous, comfortable piece!


Malgache Neon Apatite Necklace 18 Inches in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This shiny and lustrous neckpiece is sure to catch everyone’s eye. This stylish, princess necklace is easy to wear all day long. You can match this piece with any outfit. It is lightweight and designed in platinum over sterling silver. This stunning necklace must get a little space in your wardrobe!


Opaque Blue Stone Beaded Stretch Bracelet

Are you bored of wearing the same watch? Are you in search of something unique? Shop LC has your back. This beaded bracelet is a great way to show your style. Its stretching feature makes it easy to wear for all sizes. The spherical-shaped gemstone has a compelling and vibrant hue. This minimalistic appearance bracelet will adorn your look gracefully! Flaunt your vibe confidently with this gorgeous bracelet.


Malgache Neon Apatite and Zircon, Diamond Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Neon apatite rings ooze charm and poise from every corner. This ring puts on a grand spectacle with its blue hue. The ensemble of little zircons further adds glory to the design. Forged in platinum over sterling silver, it will be an enchanting companion to every outfit you wear.


Blue Jewel Inside Out Hoop Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

These captivating neon apatite earrings is enough to catch anyone’s attention. You can choose to wear any casual or formal look. It will gloriously speak of your style. The neon apatite stone is perfectly studded in prongs. It comes with a latch making it easy to wear. It is crafted in platinum over sterling silver.


Malgache Neon Apatite and Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Elevate your appearance with this shiny neon apatite ring. Brimming with the timeless shine of zircons this is perfect to pair with casual wear. Turtles in jewelry carries a positive omen. It is considered to be a sign of good fortune and longevity. You can style this gorgeous ring the way you want it!


Blue Stone Beaded Necklace 20 Inches in Rhodium Over Sterling Silver

This enchanting necklace speaks of artistic beauty. Itexudes charm from every inch. It can blend well with any casual look or beachwear. Wear it regularly, or just for special occassions. It is elegant and super comfortable. Make sure to get this one!


Malgache Neon Apatite Adjustable Station Bracelet in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This unique style bracelet is a great pick for you! Your presence will never go unnoticed while wearing this bracelet. Its design is simple yet elegant. A charming blue hue can’t keep you away for long. This bracelet easily blends well with any outfit. Spread the magic!


Electric Blue Gemstone and Natural White Zircon Pendant Necklace 20 Inches in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Add this marvelous accessory to your collection. This pendant displays an outstanding setting of gemstones. It is a perfect piece for any event. The large oval-shaped neon apatite is certainly eye-catching. Flaunt your vibe effortlessly with this gorgeous piece!

Spoil yourself with neon apatite jewelry from Shop LC!

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