The Summer Vault Clearance Has Begun

Each summer, Shop LC has our annual Summer Vault Clearance. We lower prices store-wide to help you save. The sale has just started, and that means you can get major savings on hundreds of items in our store! Save on jewelry, as well as lifestyle products, clothing, and home goods. Give our Clearance category a thorough search and find those deals that speak to you!

Here are our favorite jewelry pieces on sale this summer.

ILIANA Ouro Fino Rubellite Stud Earrings

Rubellite stud earrings.

These Ouro Fino rubellite and diamond stud earrings are a dream come true. Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend was on the right track, but clearly, they had never seen rubellite. You could get lost staring into these pristinely cut gems. And again, that’s barely even mentioning the diamonds! The crazy-beautiful rubellites are haloed in diamonds. And behind all of that, these earrings are backed by 18k yellow gold! There’s no part of these earrings that isn’t perfect.

ILIANA Ethiopian Welo Opal Ring

18K white gold opal ring.

This opal and diamond ring is eye-wateringly gorgeous. The opal itself is unbelievable; like a painting, like a perfectly framed sunset, like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The gemstone has an AAA rating, meaning it’s nearly perfect. And if you thought that was the best part of this ring, you’re in for a surprise! The opal is framed by beautiful diamonds. Even when it’s sitting on your finger, you won’t believe the beauty of this ring.

Vicenza Italian Collection Bangle Bracelet

Vicenza Italian Collection Diamond Cut Wide Bangle Bracelet in 10K Yellow Gold

This bangle bracelet in 10k yellow gold is fit for the wrist of Cleopatra. She’s not around anymore, though – so the only logical choice is you! Perfect for ruling over Egypt in style, or maybe just for wearing with a stylish cocktail dress a decadent party. This bracelet is easy on the wrist and incredibly eye catching. 10 whole karats and polished to an unbelievable shine, if you love gold, this is the accessory for you.

ILIANA 2 Songea Sapphire Ring

Songea sapphire ring.

The fiery color of this Songea sapphire ring is unforgettable. It’s like staring into the blaze of a fire. The sapphire is expertly cut, and rare! As you know, sapphires are known for being blue. However, the presence of the mineral chromium has made this gem a blazing orange-red. The gorgeous Songea sapphire isn’t alone on this ring, either; it’s haloed in beautiful diamonds. The band of the ring is made from elegant 18k white gold. Each individual part of this ring comes together to form a truly remarkable piece of jewelry.

Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earrings

Sleeping beauty turquoise earrings.

This is the perfect gift for the turquoise lover in your life; these earrings sparkle with a collection of diamonds, tanzanite, and of course, natural Arizona sleeping beauty turquoise. Each gem complements the last to create a truly stunning composition. The design of these earrings is like something both familiar and brand new; a warm sun but colored in a deep cerulean blue. These earrings are eye-catching and backed in lustrous 14k white gold. These earrings will soothe you – both with the relaxing blue color scheme, and with how good they’ll make your outfit look!

Pearl necklace.

A must-have for any complete wardrobe is a pearl necklace. For more formal occasions, for days where you just want to look more chic – a pearl necklace never goes out of style. This is the perfect one to add to your collection. Each pearl is thoroughly polished to achieve a luminous shine. Together, they form a truly ethereal necklace. The clasp is crafted from 10K yellow gold, and the strand is expertly knotted to ensure durability. Add further class and style to your jewelry collection with this pearl necklace.

Diamond Earrings in 14K White Gold

Diamond earrings in white gold.

The shine on these diamond earrings is unmatched. Take one look, and you’ll see what I mean. Don’t look too long, though, or you may never look away! These are absolutely mesmerizing, and a must-have for any jewelry lover. The design is simple and elegant, and yet cute; a delicate white flower, signifying innocence and humility. Extravagant, yet stylish, these earrings are easy to match with anything! Make them your own.

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