Thai Black Spinel is a very distinct and stunning gemstone due to its stark black palette similar to that of a starless night sky. The LC sources its black spinel from the Bo Phloi district in the 1857220Kanchanaburi province in Thailand. Join us this Saturday from 12 p.m. to midnight CT to discover amazing deals on this treasured stone. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about Thai Black Spinel!

Known as the master of disguise, this gemstone has been cherished for its eternal brilliance and spectacular rare color. The color is pure black with no secondary tones. It is an untreated gemstone, making it completely natural.

1900228You’ll also love how easy the upkeep is because unlike most gems, Thai Black Spinel does not require routine enhancements to maintain its luster. Only simple polishing is required.

With its strength and beauty, spinel is commonly mistaken for diamond, ruby or even sapphire. For instance, a gem known as the Black Prince’s ruby sits atop the British Imperial State Crown, but it’s actually a 170-carat red spinel. The same goes for several of the “rubies” found in the Queen of England’s crown.1888445

Gem lore states that spinel is thought to foster relationships and aid in settling issues. It is associated with passion and is believed by some to extend one’s life.

Fortunately, the LC is bringing this stunning gemstone to YOU on Saturday. Join us for 12 full hours as we feature Thai Black Spinel on-air to see its splendor for yourself!



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