What is President’s Day?

President’ Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February every year. We celebrate this day to honor our country’s first President, George Washington, whose birthday falls on February 22nd. It is common on President’s Day to celebrate and acknowledge the lives and efforts of all US Presidents.

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President’s Day History

The birthday of President George Washington has been a traditional holiday in the United States since almost his election. Initially, February 22nd, the birthday of George Washington, was a federal holiday. But, in 1968 Congress passed a bill that moved several federal holidays to Mondays. The step was taken to provide some longer weekends to the public so that they can enjoy and spend quality time with their families and friends. After a few rounds of debates and discussions, the bill was accepted, and the celebration moved to the third Monday of February, making it President’s Day, honoring two of the greatest and most iconic Presidents of the United States, Washington and Lincoln, whose birthday falls on February 12th.

How is President’s Day Celebrated?

President’s Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. Activities like carnivals, parades and processions take place across the country to value and respect the contributions of all presidents of the country, who have played significant roles in determining the growth and development of the nation.

Many people also consider it to be great for shopping as the long weekend is filled with amazing deals, offers, discounts and sales. Various retail stores and online shopping portals design special sales and discount offers on various products like clothing, jewelry, tech, household products and more to attract customers.

Is President’s Day a Federal Holiday?

Yes! It is a Federal holiday in United States of America. The long weekend gives you an opportunity to plan a great vacation or get together with your family and friends.

So, what are your plans on this President’s Day? Let us know in comments below.

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