What are shoppers searching for during the holidays? Shop LC is sharing the top 21 most searched for items during November!


“Polki diamonds remain a top searched item for good reason,” explains Jiten Dattani, Director of E-Commerce, Shop LC. “Shop LC was one of the first sellers to bring this traditional Indian jewelry style to a wider audience, and the high volume of searches is proof of its best-seller status.”

We definitely ramp up our holiday shopping in the months leading to Christmas. November is critical for many, as traditional shopping days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday fall within the month. As a result, there are some clear trends we are seeing when it comes to site searches.

Top Searches During November 2021

1.    Polki Diamond
2.    Bali Legacy
3.    Mens Rings
4.    Moissanite
5.    Shungite
6.    Champagne Diamond
7.    Turkizite
8.    Made With Swarovski
9.    Tanzanite
10.    Sleeping Beauty Turquoise
11.    Under 10
12.    London Blue Topaz
13.    Turquoise
14.    Pink Diamond
15.    Santa Fe Style
16.    Morganite
17.    Alexandrite
18.    Personalized Jewelry
19.    Leather Handbags
20.    Tanzanite Rings
21.    Handbags

“Traditional diamonds are good, but today’s shoppers are looking for somethings special,” says Shawn Wilsie, Shop LC Host. “Champagne diamonds retain the class and charm of white diamonds but inject a touch of color that works well in so many situations.”

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