Polki diamonds are proof of a captivating rhythm in asymmetry and an endearing beauty in imperfection. Symbolic of regal splendor, heritage, and an elite allure, polki diamonds find their roots in India during the Mughal era.

What are Polki Diamonds?

As stated in the book Traditional Jewelry of India by Oppi Untracht, the definition of polki is:

polki (n.) – an uncut diamond with one flat side and the other cut to a taper or point. It can be mounted on either side, but usually, the shaped (non-flat) side faces up.

These gems are also called uncut diamonds as they are not traditionally shaped into round or oval cuts and do not possess precisely cut facets. The shaping of polki diamonds is determined by the rough form of the stone. Stones are polished or lightly faceted by machine. This means every polki piece is unique. Due to the shaping process, the scintillation of polki diamond is softer than traditionally faceted diamonds.

Determining the Value of Polki Diamonds

Color is the primary factor to consider when choosing polki cut diamonds. Most diamonds mined come with a yellow or brownish tint. Since uncut diamonds are not chemically treated to improve color, diamonds with the least visible hues are preferred and cost more. Colorless diamonds are extremely rare and command the highest prices.

Clarity is another very important factor determining the value of an uncut diamond. Smaller amounts of inclusions are preferred. Clarity often trumps carat in matters of the gem’s value. An uncut diamond with less carat weight but better clarity is preferred over a bigger carat weight stone full of inclusions.

What is the Difference between Polki, Kundan, and Jadau?

Kundan refers to glass stones. Kundan jewelry originated in Rajasthan and Gujarat even before polki jewelry. Polki, on the other hand, is an uncut diamond. Because of this basic difference, polki jewelry is always more expensive than kundan jewelry. Both polki and kundan jewelry feature stones like ruby and emerald.

Jadau is the technique of making either kundan or polki jewelry. The stones are set in 24k gold foil and lac (a resinous substance that helps hold the stone). The jewelry pieces are often detailed with meenakari or enameling.

Styling Polki Diamond Jewelry

Traditional polki jewelry makes an important part of the wedding attire for most Indian brides. On their special day, the bride truly transforms into a queen with the splendid grandeur of her gleaming jewels.

With the contemporary and trendsetting polki jewelry designs from Shop LC, you can add the rustic charm and a hint of regal glimmer to any ensemble you choose. Here are the top four ways to style up your favorite polki diamond pieces:

  • The Casual Chic look: Look sassy on a power-packed work day or style up for a quick client lunch with an enticing polki diamond necklace. Layer the drop necklace with the 36-inch lariat style neckpiece to flaunt classy bling.

Closeup of woman wearing a grey outfit ensemble.Polki diamond necklace chain. Polki diamond chain.

  • Polki and Pastels: Dressing up for the day-after-wedding brunch or want a chic luncheon look? Bring out your favorite pastels and add a captivating shimmer with a polki pendant and band ring.
  • Intriguing Monochrome: Add rich glamour and revamp your favorite little black dress in an instant with this lariat style polki necklace. Wear it as single long neckpiece or loop into a double and flaunt a layered look.
  • Red-Carpet Glamour: Dress like a diva as you accentuate your appeal with the rustic charm and majestic appeal of Madagascar blue sapphire and polki diamond floral earrings. Or, add a minimalistic glimmer with the polki diamond pendant.

Woman wearing blue gown against gray background.Polki diamond necklace set in gold.

Collecting Polki Diamonds

Shop LC brings you an amazing collection of polki diamond jewelry; a great way to blend traditional Indian opulence with chic and contemporary style. Which piece fancies you the most? A ring? A necklace? Let us know the comments below and pick your favorite polki diamond piece from the trendy collection at Shop LC!