Wearing a bracelet can be a fun thing, but if not done right, you can mess up the look. As wearing men’s bracelets continues growing in popularity, more men are willing to experiment with their style. But how do you ensure that these bracelets offer a classy look? The wrong styling throws your style out the window. Below, we unleash the secrets to stacking men’s bracelets. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes and stand tall with confidence in your fashion sense.

Close up of stacking men's bracelets.

Let’s Talk About Color

The secret to wearing bracelets is tying them back to your wardrobe. Do this, and you’ll nail the look. There are myriad of colors to choose from. From classic black to piney evergreen, regal blue to passionate red, the choices are endless.

  • Accessorizing with a black men’s bracelet is a fearless option. These are great for any event and effortless to style.  
  • With colors, make sure they complement your wardrobe. If pairing a wristwatch and bracelet, matching materials is useful.
  • A bracelet with blue stone, like lapis lazuli, can go perfectly with a blue shirt, denim or even blue shoes.
  • Matching a brown gemstone bracelet with a beige sweater or brown suede shoes makes an excellent combination. Try tiger’s eye!

Getting the Perfect Fit

Make sure your bracelet is the right to fit on your wrist. If your bracelet does not fit, it will be a disaster. You don’t want it slipping over your wrist. Too tight, don’t even try it. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it could also create problems with circulation. 

  • Bracelets come in different sizes. Measure your wrist and then buy the best fit for you.
  • Do not shy to ask for help. An extra set of hands makes measuring so much easier!
An assortment of men's bracelets for stacking.

Try experimenting with different materials and textures.

Stacking Men’s Bracelets

Stacking jewelry is an art. Excel and you are a fashion icon! Stacking bracelets can run afoul of making the wrist look busy, but intelligent matching creates a good look. The challenge is making your wrist look filled up, but not so much so.

  • Choose bracelets for their complementary nature.
  • Mix and match different styles and sizes to get the look.
  • If this is a new style for you, start with the basics. Add simple bracelets. Get more creative over time with new options.
  • Check out what other guys are doing for inspiration and new ideas!

Charm bracelets for men are trending. But going overboard or choosing any old charm can spoil the look. Instead, choose a piece that speaks volumes about you.

  • Choose a charm that is detailed and precisely designed. For example, a lion face should resemble the lion from a jungle, not from a cartoon film.
  • Avoid choosing lots of pop culture icons, like superheroes. They can make your wrist appear too boyish.
  • Skull charms are cool and can offer a classy look. But make sure they do not look cartoonish or scary.
  • Keep dangling charms to a minimum and if possible, avoid wearing them if they get in your way.

I hope you enjoy stacking men’s bracelets. Following these secrets will make your wrist look classy in no time. Enjoy styling!

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