What is Irish Stepdance?

Irish stepdance has its roots within traditional Irish dance. A stiff upper body with quick and precise movements of the feet are the defining characteristics of this popular dance. Whether performing solo or in groups, there are public performances as well as competitions (known as Feiseanna) all over the world. In the culture of Irish dance, a Feis is a conventional Gaelic art and culture commemoration.

Irish stepdance is an integral part of traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. For over a thousand years, this day has been considered a religious celebration in Ireland. However, it was only known as a festivity of Irish culture and inheritance in the 1970s. The day honors St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, who has been acknowledged with spreading Christianity to Ireland.

Why is this dance important to the holiday?

In the US, St. Patrick’s Day is significant to those of Irish heritage, but it’s also a popular party day for Irish and non-Irish alike. The holiday is especially prevalent in the Northeast to Central US, where lots of Irish immigrants settled.

Learn the Irish Stepdance

Irish dancing is a type of step dancing which is widespread in Ireland and all around the world. While it’s a great way to impress everyone you love, it’s also an exciting way to enhance flexibility and burn calories! A fun way to learn Irish stepdance is by joining classes nearby or by taking tutorials from the many excellent dancing videos online. Lash out a few striking steps and lifts next time you hear a rolling sound of dance and surprise everyone with your Irish credentials.

  • In case you feel shy, encourage your friends and learn the céili (kay-lee) dance, which is often considered a form of Irish step dancing that is easier to learn.
  • There’s a chance that if you are proficient in this dance you can compete in Irish dancing competitions organized around the world. And what can be more exciting that volunteering a dance performance in the next Saint Patrick’s Day parade!


Even if you have two left feet, you can still look your best on St. Patrick’s Day! Would you try this traditional dance? Tell us in the comments!

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