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Three Engagement Ring Styles that Buck the Halo Ring Trend

Halos Reign Supreme

According to a recent survey by Shane Co, the humble halo ring remains the engagement ring of choice. Halo rings feature a primary stone encircled by a ring of smaller accents stones. It’s a great way of creating a larger, more breathtaking ring!

41 states and the District of Columbia prefer this wedding classic! By analyzing about five years’ worth of data, they were able to determine some of the other most popular diamond rings.

Vintage Rings

When it comes to choosing a wedding ring, vintage rings remain a strong choice. Five states saw these unique engagement rings leading in preference. A vintage diamond ring uses ornate detailing, such as seen in Xavier jewelry. Xavier rings are actually use authentic designs from the later 1800s!

Solitaire Rings

Colored stones, like this black diamond, are a rising engagement ring trend.

Even though halos are popular right now, the classic diamond solitaire is still around! There’s a reason it’s a classic, after all. Solitaire rings showcase a single stone, usually in a prong setting. Choosing a one carat diamond ring is still a great choice, and the average stone size shoppers chose is 92 points (.92 carat).

Split Shank Rings

If you’re looking for a truly unique option among engagement rings, then consider a split shank ring. Only one state, Delaware, saw this ring style come out on top. Split shank rings typically separate near the top of the band, giving the appearance of cradling the main stone. Often, the brand will have smaller diamonds as accents. A split shank ring is a good choice for anyone who might prefer minimalistic jewelry styles.

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