Keeping up with the trends becomes a piece of cake when some old styles revisit the fashion week!For those who adore abstract patterns paired with an eye-catching blend of colors, tie-dye is just what you need!

What is Tie-Dye?

Tie-dyeing is a form of resist printing. The method involves dyeing by hand which produces colored patterns on the fabric. The fabric is gathered together in many small portions and tied tightly with string before immersing the cloth in the dyebath. The dye fails to penetrate the tied sections. After drying, the fabric is untied to reveal irregular patterns such as circles, dots, and stripes. Repeated tying and dipping in additional colors helps produce a multi-colored kaleidoscope of patterns. Practicing this method by hand is common in India and Indonesia and has now been adapted to machines.

Closeup of Tie-dye monochromatic scarf


Although tie dye gained popularity in the 1960s in America, this method of producing patterns on the fabric was not invented here. The journey of tie-dye began centuries back and traveled from the East to the West. Its history finds its roots in bandhani from India, shibori from Japan and Africa.

The term “bandhani” comes from the Hindi word “Bandhan” which means tying up. The process is said to be 5000 years old and is mainly seen in states Rajasthan and Gujarat of India. While shibori uses resist like thread, rocks, sticks, wax, and rubber bands, the Yoruba women of West Nigeria produce impressive indigo-dyed cloths intricately designed by folding and tritik (stitching methods).

In America, tie-dye grew to be symbolized with hippies during the 1960s. The trend came about during the Vietnam war where the youth opposed it and desired peace. This artistic expression served as a peaceful rebellion for the free-spirited who shunned the age-old ideas of authority sense of dressing. Tie-dye further gained popularity as it was embraced by rock musicians like Jimi Hendrix and John Sebastian. Always a reminiscent of the sixties, the art makes a colorful part of history.

How to Add this Colorful Pattern to Your Wardrobe?

At Shop LC we’ve got you covered. With our tie-dye products, you will be ready to rock this trend in no time!

Monochromatic tie dyed top on mannequin

  • Get a hold of tie-dye scarves and shrugs to add a chic appeal to your plain tees and breathe a new life into your favorite jeans and t-shirt combo.
  • The tie-dye shoulders bags are the perfect partner for your sundresses and are best paired with whites or other complementing color blocks.
  • Ponchos and kaftans embraced with this pattern allow you to flaunt an entirely new look and an effortless style that is sure to win you compliments.

Style Tips

Fashion Week Spring 2019 has shown a fondness for this colorful pattern. Here are a couple of style tips to flaunt a trendsetting look.

  • Avoid creating a clash of multiple patterns in your look.
  • If nothing else suits, monochromes like black and white are always here to save the day!
  • Dial down your jewelry bling with such colorful patterns.
  • Pieces like color block studs or matt gold finish cuff wear perfectly.

Pink Tie-Dye Bag against White Background

The Fashion Week has given us many favorite trends, and tie-dye is one of them. So, are you into subtle muted hues like navy, gray and black or are eye-popping hues like coral and multi-color rainbows more your thing?  Let us know in the comments down below, and make this chic and colorful trend a part of your wardrobe and stylish allure!

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