When we think of the word ‘timepiece,’ perhaps you think of elegance, sophistication, and class. Or maybe, you think it just sounds snooty. However, truth be told, there is a telling difference between exquisite timepieces and ordinary watches. But what are they?

While the dictionary might tell us that a timepiece is “a device (such as a clock or watch) to measure or show progress of time,” there’s much more to consider. A quality time keeping device will typically have a luxurious movement, high-quality craftsmanship, and complications. In terms of longevity, appreciation, and value, a well-constructed timepiece holds more value over time than an ordinary watch.




The movement is what powers the functions of a watch or timepiece. However, not all movements are created equal. By and large, the majority of watches use quartz movements. These are robust, reliable, and affordable.

A luxury timepiece, on the other hand, uses a much more sophisticated instrument to power its functions. We call these winding movements. They must be periodically wound to stay functional. Some are manual, but many more are automatic wind movements. They wind themselves simply because you’re wearing your timepiece daily!

Luxury watch from GAMAGES OF LONDON.


We all know that any watch can tell time. That’s one of the reasons we wear them after all! Some watches might have a date window, too. But overall, it’s a pretty basic, no-frills experience.

Your carefully chosen timepiece, on the other hand, often includes additional functions. In serious collecting circles, we call these functions complications. Some complications are very popular, such as a calendar that displays day, date, and month. Chronographs are also very widely popular. These details not only add function, they also add value.

Exquisite timepieces from GAMAGES OF LONDON.


There are many affordable watches out there. Typically, manufacturers use readily available materials and parts that keep them budget friendly.

But did you know that exquisite timepieces can also be very affordable? From the strap to the dial, and everywhere in-between, these timekeepers designer keep luxury and quality in mind while remaining within reach of anyone.

GAMAGES OF LONDON is one such example. This British-born company hand assembles and meticulously designs many breathtaking time keeping devices. With decades of experience, these are some of the finest accessories around.

The Gamages store has over 150 years of British retail history. It was at the cornerstone of London’s sophisticated West End. The store became synonymous with traditional fine British craftsmanship.

Today, this ethos remains with a London-based design team possessing decades of experience, led by 3rd and 4th generation watch makers Antoni Fields and James Fields.

GAMAGES OF LONDON merges four generations of watch making principles together with cutting edge techniques to make beautifully hand assembled timepieces at affordable prices.

Sourcing the highest quality materials, engineering precise movement complications, and overseeing rigorous testing and controls, each GAMAGES timepiece delivers industry leading quality at a fraction of the price.

Designed to last, each GAMAGES OF LONDON purchase includes an individual serial number to prove authenticity and a 5-year warranty.

Explore the exciting and collectable GAMAGES OF LONDON range for your very own timepiece.

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