When it comes to shopping, everyone is trying to get the best deals and save the most amount of money. Who knows the secrets of bargain shopping more than anyone? Your mom! Your mama didn’t raise no fool, so learn from her vast experience and knowledge. We have organized some bargain shopping tips and advice that mom would definitely approve of!

Read the Fine Print

It’s finally your turn to check out. You have everything lined up and coupon in hand. You get excited about all the money you’re about to save, when the cashier says, “Sorry, this is only valid on items purchased with our credit card.” Don’t put yourself in this frustrating situation. Always read every single detail on the coupon or the ad. If you’re lucky, there’s no stipulations or hoops to jump through. If you’re not lucky, you’ll end up having to go out of your way for a discount like buying two items, when you only needed one, or applying for a store credit card even though you didn’t want one. Keep things uncomplicated by reading the fine print before you go on your shopping trip.

Carry Cash

Flea markets and yard sales are the prime locations for bargain shopping. It’s always a good idea to carry plenty of cash. Credit cards and debit cards are convenient to carry, but a seller is more likely to lower a price for you when you’re offering cold hard cash. Make a trip to the ATM before you go, even if it is out of your way. You won’t regret it!

Get Social

In the past, the primary source of information about sales has been TV commercials, mailers or advertisements at the entrance of the store. Now we have the Internet. Instead of using it to look up funny cat videos, research your favorite stores! Now days, most stores and brands have multiple social media accounts. They are usually eager to dish out printable coupons or codes for online shopping. Twitter allows you to get updates sent directly to your phone, so you’re always in the know. Some stores even allow you to use your smart phone at checkout, instead of requiring a paper coupon.

Online Shopping

As mentioned before, the Internet is a great resource for bargain shopping. Auction websites like the Shop LC, eBid and Ebay, allow you to make bids on items from the comfort of your own home! No need to haggle with someone at 8 in the morning for a pair of shoes. With online auctions, you can offer a price that you’re comfortable with instead of paying a flat rate. Some brands and companies also have web exclusive events, so there’s no other place to get these deals. Sign up for newsletters and email lists to know when these events happen.

Timing Is Important

The best time to buy is when there is more product than shoppers. This is usually during the off-season. You get the best prices and sometimes even avoid the crowd. Retail is time sensitive, so it’s beneficial to arrive in the store an hour before it closes. You might get some dirty looks, but you’ll also get faster service, which means a quick price negotiation.

Free Shipping and Handling Is Your Best Friend

Online shopping is fun until you see the amount of shipping you have to pay for in order to get all of your goodies. So
metimes it’s unavoidable, but other times a company offers free shipping as an incentive. Search for stores that give you free shipping when your order is a certain amount, when you use a specific card, when they have an online deal or other occasions. Some stores will even give you free shipping if you are in the store and want to buy something that they are currently out of.

Always Compare

There’s a saying that states, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” But this is definitely not the case when it comes to bargain shopping! Bouncing from store to store to find and compare prices is tiring (ain’t nobody got time for that!). Instead, look at the prices online and plan accordingly. Grocery stores are known to price match items from other stores, but it’s not as common in retail. That’s not to say it doesn’t exist, so be sure to still ask when you’re in the store!

Seek Out Special Discounts

Never be afraid to speak up for yourself. How many of you have heard your mom say that? The same is true when it comes to special discounts. Don’t be afraid to ask the cashier if they offer special discounts for students, military, teachers or any other occupations. Sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised with their answer!
It’s always the right time to save money. And with these tips, we hope you save a little extra money. Always be on the look out for more ways to save money or to get the best deal. Are you a mom with tips of your own or have shopping advice from your mom that wasn’t listed? Share your tips with us in the comment section!

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