Fall 2021 is at our doorstep, and winter around the corner. It’s the time of the year where you might not worry as much about your clothes. However, the focus on jewelry remains in our consciousness.

These ten trends are making waves in web searches and social media. Many are predicting them to be everywhere this season. “As we examine user search behavior, social media trends and customer requests, clear trends are emerging ahead of this holiday season,” says Jiten Dattani E-Commerce director for Shop LC. And our goal is to help you know all these exciting trends without making you feel left out in the cold.

There are the top ten jewelry trends we expect to see this fall and winter.

Dainty designs

LUXORO AAA Pink Tourmaline Band Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

Minimalism has been riding high for the last few years, and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. Bouncing back from the stock standard of rote minimalistic standards, designs this season are featuring a feminine feel with gentle curves, soft finishes, and floral motifs.


Mozambique Garnet, Malgache Neon Apatite and Zircon Set of 4 Celestial Stud Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

More women (and men) are experimenting with piercing. Multiple ear piercings are the gateway drug to this trend, as earrings can be removed and added as needs change. We are seeing stacked hopes, often mixed in with colorful studs and even pieces linked with chains.

Mixed cuts gems

Jalisco Fire Opal and Zircon 3 Stone Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Featuring a range shapes and sizes, mixed cut gemstone jewelry is getting playful. Veering away from traditional stone arrangements, we are seeing more designers experiment with unique and eye-catching ways of exploring space through an asymmetrical lens.

Bypass rings

Arizona Peridot, Zircon Bypass Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This classic twist on traditional band rings is undergoing major attention right now. Modern bypass rings are truly experimenting with this space, ranging from understated minimalistic pieces to artful interpretations. Don’t “bypass” this one up.

Paper clip-inspiration

Yellow Diamond Paper Clip Earrings in Rhodium & Platinum Over Sterling Silver

A return to the office (or The Office reruns!) doesn’t have to be dreary! Paper clip jewelry is surging in popularity. From simple chain links, to gem encrusted creations, this versatile bauble is going to be a key piece in many collections this fall and winter.

The Evil Eye

Simulated Diamond Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

Banish bad vibes with evil eye jewelry. Many world cultures hold beliefs of the evil eye, and this jewelry style is thought to bring luck, protection, and dispel malevolent gazes. Popularly paired with the hamsa, find this symbol in charms, bracelets, and pendants.

Bold chunky rings

Pink Freshwater Pearl and White Zircon Pearl Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

Fall fashions favor subdued looks, and bold, chunky rings demand attention. It’s the perfect way to juxtapose an anchoring piece against your regular autumn apparel. These cocktail rings are powerful and demand attention.

Enamel jewelry

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Zircon Earrings in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This centuries old technique is seeing a resurgence as shoppers look for unique and characterful pieces that add pops of color. From enamel pins to colorful rings, enameling is at the forefront of many designer labels like Giuseppe Perez.

Rough cut gemstones

Artisan Crafted Kuisa Rainbow Moonstone 3 Stone Ring in Sterling Silver

2021 has been a rough year, and rough gemstones embrace this raw experience. Showcasing the natural beauty of the earth, raw gems like Polki-stye diamonds are capturing our hearts with their unvarnished appeal.

Layering pieces

Andante Beaded Draped Coin Tassel Scarf Necklace 18 Inches in Rosetone

While we layer up our clothing, we will be stacking rings and layering necklaces. Band rings lend themselves to stacking and offer great variety in textures and finishes. Necklaces, too, benefit from experimentation with styles, lengths, and types.

Discover a plethora of trendy jewelry at Shop LC!

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