What stories resonated with readers in 2021? The following are the most popular blog posts of 2021, as determined by readers of the Shop LC blog! These posts were determined by the total views they received during 2021.

Notably, readers were highly interested in zodiac gemstones, with many choosing to learn more about their astrological birthstone. In addition, readers wanted to learn more about gem lore, and the symbolism used in jewelry, as evidenced in the top post covering butterflies.

  1. Butterfly Symbolism and Meaning in World Culture
  2. 23 Ways that Raw Honey Can Change Your Life
  3. Discovering Chinese Jade Folklore, Symbolism, and Legend
  4. What is Ion Playing and How is it Applied to Jewelry?
  5. What is the Difference between Zircon and Cubic Zirconia?
  6. What Do Dolphins Symbolize?
  7. Five Stones for Aries, Meanings, and Uses
  8. Zodiac Gems: Top 5 Stones for Cancer, Meaning, and Uses
  9. Welcome Chuck Clemency to Shop LC
  10. Zodiac Gems: Top 5 Stones for Sagittarius, Meaning, and Uses
  11. What are the Best Shungite Pairings?
  12. Understanding the Tree of Life
  13. The Pisces Birthstones of Legends and Lore
  14. The Panache of Polki Diamond Jewelry
  15. What are the Birthstones and Their Meaning?
  16. Zodiac Gems: Five Stones for Gemini, Meaning, and Uses
  17. Moon Symbolism and Meaning in World Culture
  18. Meet the Hosts – Kim Prentiss
  19. Amethyst Rings, the Secret History: Symbol of Magic, Love, and More
  20. Dragonfly Symbolism and Meaning in World Culture
  21. Russian Chrome Diopside: the Siberian Gemstones

What posts will be the most popular in 2022?
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