2019 is all about re-inventing early 2000s trends while putting the designer’s own spin on it. From bringing back punk rock emo band looks to the freeing spirit of the ocean, here are our top five favorite jewelry trends from 2019 Spring/Summer Fashion Week.

She Sells Sea Shells

As summer rolls around, beaches are the most popular vacation destination of the season! What better way to welcome the warmer weather than bringing a piece of the ocean to your outfit? Styling shell-inspired jewelry with a flowy maxi dress brings an effortlessly chic yet relaxed vibe to your outfit. 

sea shell/ clam necklace

Out with the Ear Muffs, in with the Ear Cuffs

A minimalistic take on the grunge look that took over the early 21st Century, ear cuffs are such a cute way to accentuate your look without taking away from your outfits. Not only is it edgy, but it is also a modern way to bring an edge, it can also be part of your everyday jewelry!

Insider’s Tip:

If you want to experiment with the ear cuff trend, then try going for classic colors (such as silver or gold) and styles (such as a simple band) to pair with any outfit. That way, the ear cuff can work for any occasion as you adjust to wearing unconventional jewelry.

3’s Company

Turns out, layering necklaces is hotter than ever! It is also an easy way to recycle old necklaces while experimenting with different lengths. You could also choose three of your favorite everyday pendants and choose different chain lengths to create your own layered necklace! If you are interested in how to layer necklaces like a fashionista, make sure to read our guide here.

layering necklaces

All Chained Up

Speaking of recycling old jewelry, chains are back. The fun thing about chains is that you could go big and create a dramatic statement (as they did during the Hip-Hop days of the 90s). Or, you could even wear a small, short one as a choker. You could also take off your favorite pendant and wear the chain on its own as another piece of jewelry altogether. I love this trend because it is so fun to experiment with different types of chains that work for you without standing out like a sore thumb. If you are unfamiliar with the different type of jewelry chains, read about them in our Education Center!

Flashback to the Past

Finally, this year is about honoring our past and bringing back the Native American essence in our jewelry as well. From feathers to silver animal pendants, this trend is so fun for playing around with bold and bright colors. Did you know we also offered Native American inspired jewelry? Be sure to read more about Sante Fe: the Native American essence here!

It goes to show that fashion trends are always an interpretation of past styles and adding your own spin on it. What are some of your favorite Spring and Summer trends?

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