This year is quickly wrapping up and we want to take a look back the top blog posts of 2018. Below are the most popular posts from this year as decided by you!

1. Vivid by Sukriti

This year, we took you behind the scenes to our most popular line of handbags – Vivid by Sukriti! From conception to creation, you get to see how we truly have no middleman to get these amazing products to you. Plus, we touched based on why you need these handbags in your life – including the fact that it converts from a shoulder to sling bag, and that it has RFID lining to protect your microchip credit card.

2. Butterfly Symbolism

Marisha had written about butterflies and how this beautiful creature’s symbolism varies from culture to culture. For example, the Japanese believe that butterflies signify a young, confident woman and marital bliss. On the other hand, Christians often use butterflies to symbolize resurrection since the journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly is similar to the Resurrection story in the Bible.

3. Ion Plating

Our Content Editor, Darren, educated us on ion plating and explained its benefits in the jewelry industry. For example, do you know that ion plating makes the jewelry five to eight times more durable than traditional methods? If not, make sure to read all about the science behind jewelry ion plating and why it’s rising in popularity.

4. National Gardening Month

April is National Gardening Month, and Shop LC wanted to celebrate the month by providing our favorite gardening tips and tricks. From how to grow tomatoes to strawberries, read up on the best methods for growing your own vegetable garden and prepare for next April!

5. Discount Sterling Silver Under $10

Sterling silver is the most precious metal used in jewelry today – so how could Shop LC give you genuine sterling silver jewelry for under $10? Do you know the best methods for taking care of your sterling silver jewelry? If not, learn our sterling silver secrets here!

6. Russian Chrome Diopside

We took you behind the scenes to one of our most popular precious gemstones – Russian chrome diopside. We’ve educated you on the mining process and explained the differences between chrome diopside and emerald. If you are looking for a bright green stone with more sparkle than emerald, be sure to read more about the ‘Siberian Emerald!’

7. March Birthstone: Aquamarine

Every month, we share the “Birthstones: History, Lore and More” series where we educate you on the respective month’s birthstones. For example, March’s birthstone is beautiful aquamarine, named for its captivating blues and greens. Read more about aquamarine here!

8. 10 Reasons to love our Under$10 sale

Need a reason for an impulse buy? What about 10 reasons? Every Friday, we offer a full day of under $10 items to show off. Make sure to treat yourself on the next Under $10 day!

9. Online Auctions

One of my favorite sections on our website is our Online Auctions. Not only is it fun to save big on luxury items, but it’s also fun to beat other people in getting the best deals. If you are still unsure, make sure to read up on our auction process here!

10. Meet Teen Jewelry Designer Kasi

Finally, we introduced to our youngest jewelry designer yet – Kasi Staab. She was the first person I interviewed for the blog, so this blog post meant a lot to me. Not only did she explain the real-life inspiration behind each of her designs, but she also told me about her dreams and aspirations to become a pharmaceutical sales rep. Read more of her story here!

Teen jewelry designer Kasi Staab.

What are your favorite blog posts of the year? Let us know down in the comments below!

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