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Top Holiday Gifts for Her in 2021 with No Shortage at Shop LC

Christmas is here at Shop LC! Today the Austin-based home shopping channel is unveiling the top trending gifts for women this holiday season. What’s in store for savvy shoppers? Read on to learn more.


“When many other businesses are struggling with supply chain concerns, Shop LC continues to deliver.  Owning the factories has kept our supply chain flow solid, so if you want to ensure she gets her gifts on time, Shop LC is a great place to shop,” says Amit Agarwal, Shop LC President.

What are gifts for her? “Her” is that special woman in your life – your partner, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, granddaughter, or close friend. And when it comes to gifts for her, Shop LC has plenty from which to choose. Popular categories for 2021 include skincare, handbags, bath and body, and fragrance.


A unique handbag is something she’ll treasure – and not just for the holidays! The right statement making piece is something that sees use throughout the year, as ubiquitous as her favorite jewelry. Chaos by Elsie helps fit the bill perfectly. Every back upcycles material from the production cycle that would otherwise go to waste! In addition, find affordable handbags in genuine leather, python leather, and more!

Trendsetting Jewelry

But there’s more! Jewelry is always a popular gift, and there are many trends consumers are turning to when making purchases. Specifically, shoppers are looking for celestial-inspired designs and minimalist pieces for filling out collections. Layering jewelry also remains very popular for its versatility.


Heavenly zodiac-inspired pieces are very on trend this year, and the Celestial Collection delivers! Drawing upon popular astrological motifs, this jewelry will leave her star struck. Purchase jewelry with her star sign, or fun pieces with charming moon and star motifs.


A long-established trend, minimalist jewelry is here to stay. These dainty accessories are often wrought in silver or gold with minimal embellishments of genuine gemstones. Choose from the natural beauty of Polki diamonds or the sophisticated luxury of Luxoro gold jewelry.


Whether it’s stacking bracelets and rings, or layering necklaces, the layering jewelry trend remains strong year-over-year. Colorful solitaire rings are perfect for mixing with simple bands. Charming pendants at a unique visual interest when paired with shorter, textured pieces likes chains and chokers.


With autumn already here and winter around the corner, many of us are already dealing with our seasonal skincare needs. Shop LC provides several options to help combat winter dryness, such as the chemist-developed Clinical Results 24.7. The Lab Direct provides tailored solutions to many common skins needs. Silk Genesis infuses the power of shungite to help revitalize your skincare regimen.

Bath and Body

The women in our lives work tirelessly to care for those around them. Why not return the favor with a at-home spa day? With a range of body wash, oils, creams, bath bombs, and more, Shop LC makes it easy to create a customized gift basket.


Help her discover a new signature scent this season with a wide range of perfumes and body sprays from Shop LC. Popular selections include NORELL Blushing, a scent that sparkles and enchants with the highest quality ingredients. Over 500 petals of coveted damask rose are used in every bottle.

“One of the best things about presenting on Shop LC is showcasing the wide variety of product available,” says Kim Prentiss, Shop LC Host. “With the wide range of women’s gifts available, you can give something unique to every lady you know!”

Every item purchased provides a meal to a child in need through Your Purchase Feeds, the Shop LC giving program. Since 2017, Shop LC has provided over 30 million meals to hungry kids in the United States and India. Globally, Your Purchase Feeds currently helps 54,000 school aged children get access to food while in an educational setting. Your Purchase Feeds provides a path to a successful future and puts an end to generational poverty. The company’s mission is to help 1,000,000 kids daily by 2031.

Start shopping the holiday gift guide today!
Gifts can be returned until January 17, 2022.

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