Recently, Shop LC unveiled its brand-new jewelry collection: India Artistry! This collection draws inspiration from the culture and landscape of India. Our creative team conducted intensive research and gathered the best of the colors, patterns, and motifs India has to offer. We looked to the landscape, flowers and mountain ranges, architecture, and clothing styles: all to capture the feeling of the beautiful country.

As for the jewelry itself, each piece is handcrafted by skilled artisans with years of experience in the jewelry production business, using renewable energy. To ensure our customers have only the best, the jewelry pieces are made from sterling silver with light oxidization so that they’re polished and shining.

Although each piece of jewelry has its own distinct story and meaning, here are our top ten pieces from the India Artistry collection that we just know you’ll love!


Indian green jade necklace.

Sometimes, we tend to treat jewelry as secondary to our outfits, a thrown-on accessory and nothing more. This gorgeous green jade necklace helps us remember that jewelry can be works of art in and of themselves. This necklace is a statement piece, something to build an outfit around, rather than the other way. The pendant design is intricate and striking. The green jade at the center is mesmerizing and unforgettable. This is a necklace you won’t see anywhere else.


Indian earrings set with tanzanite.

There are days where we want to be the star of the show, the center of attention, the belle of the ball. These earrings are the perfect accessory for such times. They’re conspicuous and attractive, the half-moon shape drawing attention to the brilliant dangling tanzanite in the center. These earrings are an expert’s display of balance; the feather, half-moon arc, and two indigo tanzanite gemstones each complement the other perfectly in placement and size. The design of these earrings comes together in superb harmony.


Lapis lazuli ring in sterling silver.

Keeping close to nature is often hard in this modern world, especially after the year we just spent indoors! This lapis lazuli ring will keep the beauty of the outdoors at your fingertips. The intricate, labyrinthine pattern of leaves along the band is simply too beautiful to pass up. And that part of the design is only half the appeal of this ring. The vibrant color of the lapis lazuli gem is unmissable. This ring will display both your love of nature, and your appreciation for fine jewelry.


Indian moonstone ring.

Sometimes, a touch of mystery is all an outfit needs. Something that adds mystique and intrigue can really elevate a look – just like this rainbow moonstone ring! The exotic and iridescent rainbow moonstone is the highlight of this sterling silver ring. The gem has long represented healing and protection in a variety of cultures. In your ensembles, it can represent a touch of spirituality or worldliness.


Indian earrings in sterling silver.

With adulthood comes obligations, work, and responsibility. We no longer have time for the fantasy stories and fairy tales of our childhoods. However, that doesn’t always have to be the case. These glittering earrings are right out of a storybook! The design has a dreamy combination of cool colors, and the polished tanzanite gemstones will twinkle like stars. These lightweight and durable earrings will remind you of the adventure and newness of childhood.


Tanzanite pendant in sterling silver.

If those last earrings were for you, then I’m sure you’ll also appreciate this dazzling pendant. Like the earrings, this pendant is right out of a fairy tale. It reminds one of a door to another world, of magic and mystery and your wildest dreams. The sizable tanzanite gemstone in the center of this piece is intricately cut with a unique design. The sterling silver frame bearing the gemstone is no less beautiful; made of complexly bent and twisted sterling wire, this pendant is the epitome of craftsmanship.


Carved tanzanite ring in sterling silver.

This ring is the perfect accompanying piece to the former pendant. It plays off the same design of complex interlocking sterling wires and it has the same centerpiece: a gorgeous and sizable tanzanite gem. However, this showstopping ring has motifs and a feeling of its own. This ring is grand; unmissable and unforgettable. It will sit upon your finger like a crown.


Carved ruby pendant.

Nowadays, a great deal of fashion is designed for simplicity and comfort, and not meant to stand out. There’s sense in this, but sometimes, you just want to look like royalty! On those occasions, this is the necklace for you. The sophistication in this design reveals the effort and hard work that went into crafting this piece. The starring Niassa ruby is vibrant and perfectly cut. Wearing this gorgeous necklace will show off your elegance and mature appreciation for the finer things in life.


Peacock ring in sterling silver.

There are more than two hundred kinds of gemstones in the world. That’s overwhelming, and it’s hard to choose your top ten, let alone your favorite. Or which variety to buy in jewelry. This ring is a small solution to that grand problem. It displays a peacock, one of the most beautiful animals in the animal kingdom, set in durable, polished sterling silver. Along the graceful bird’s wings are four different but complementary gemstones.


Indian tanzanite necklace.

This list has had a focus on the more formal and extravagant pieces in the India Artistry Collection. That is one of the things we love at Shop LC – jewelry pieces that are bold and ornamental. This tanzanite necklace is that, but with an added sense of versatility. This necklace, although no less intricate than the other pieces listed here, has a more bohemian feel. This is something that you could match with a lot of outfits at a variety of different events. Sometimes that’s all we’re looking for.

Discover what else the India Artistry Collection has in store for you!

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