We all know natural gemstone rings are pretty costly. But does it have to be? Does one need to suppress their desire of having a beautiful ring? No, they don’t! Gone are the days when rings were only an asset of the rich. And buying a ring at those times was not everybody’s cup of tea. But now times have changed. And a beautiful ring should be an addition to everybody’s collection.

“Providing the best value for money isn’t that hard,” explains Amit Agarwal, Shop LC President. “While materials like 14K gold can account for around 60 to 80 percent of an item’s cost, there are ways to improve affordability. For instance, Under $10 jewelry often uses a sterling silver base with a finish of gold, providing exceptional value while preserving the look of solid gold.”

Shop LC firmly believes in delivering affordable gemstones and jewelry to everyone. And what is better than getting beautiful rings with zero compromises in charm?

The list of natural gemstones is long. And it’s no surprise that diamond is the most popular one! We know our fans adore diamonds. But it is surprising to know there is a growing love for colored gemstones. One example is shungite, which isn’t widely available except through select vendors like Shop LC.

With the holiday season right at our doorstep, there is no time to waste. Here is a list of the most sought after gemstones this year. Shine like a bright star this holiday season!

  1. Diamond
  2. Opal 
  3. Shungite
  4. Pearl
  5. Moissanite
  6. Turquoise
  7. Jade
  8. Ruby
  9. Tanzanite
  10. Aquamarine


Blue Diamond Ring in Rhodium and Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This glamorous ring is fabulously designed to catch everyone’s attentionThe blue diamonds in this ring exude eye-pleasing shine. They are set in the center of the ring. It is forged in sterling silver. The rhodium and platinum finish of this ring gives it a long-lasting shine. Match this gorgeous ring with your designer outfit. And you are set to make your style statement.


Ethiopian Welo Opal Solitaire Ring in Vermeil Yellow Gold Over Sterling Silver

This opal solitaire ring will amaze you with its beauty! The design of this ring is elegant and eye-catching. This ring will add splendid glamour to your charismatic personality. Opal is known for its rainbow-like hues when observed from different angles and light. It is forged in yellow gold vermeil-plated sterling silver to enhance its beauty. This solitaire ring will grace your presence with its elegance.


Marvelous Meteorites and Constituted Shungite Ring in Stainless Steel

This ring is an aesthetic representation of meteorites. It is forged in sterling silver. The unique black coating on this ring is what sets it apart. In case your interest aligns with the solar system and its other bodies. Then this ring is made just for you!


LucyQ Drop Collection White Freshwater Pearl Multi Bypass Ring in Rhodium Over Sterling Silver

The design of this pearl multi bypass ring is jaw-dropping. You must be prepared with loads of compliments and accolades as soon as you walk outside. Adoring this beauty. The design of this ring is inspired by the bypass pattern signifying the crossing of two paths. It has a 14k rose gold finish to maintain the shine and newness of the jewelry. The ring looks highly bewitching with a flaunting trilogy of a pristine freshwater cultured pearl.


Champagne Moissanite and White Moissanite Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This champagne moissanite ring is just perfect for every occasion. The champagne moissanite is placed in the center. The hue of this gemstone simply can’t be ignored. It is forged in sterling silver. This bright stone will brighten up your day with its charm.


SANTA FE Style Turquoise and Multi Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver

This colorful ring will make your life as colorful as it appears. This multi-gemstone ring will give you a boho look. It will just grace up your look while giving you a classic appearance. This ring. It is forged in sterling silver.


JARDIN COLLECTION White Jade Carved Flower and Tanzanite Ring in 10K Yellow Gold

It is a wonderful time for you to upgrade your accessory collection. This extraordinary white Burmese jade flower ring is exclusive. It will grace your presence on every occasion. The tanzanite stone studded in the center of the carved jade flower radiates vibrating blue hues creating an alluring look. It is crafted in 10k yellow gold.


Niassa Ruby and Zircon Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

This ruby ring is an example of fine artistry. The violet gem is carefully placed at the center. It has a row of white stone on both sides. The hue of ruby is iconic. It is forged in platinum over sterling silver.


14K Yellow Gold Tanzanite and Diamond G-H I3 Ring

This gorgeous ring features faceted round-shaped tanzanite at the center. The pretty gemstone is brimming in the shine of sparkling baguettes on the shoulders. It is designed in 14k yellow gold. It is sure to leave a lasting impression wherever you go.


Espirito Santo Aquamarine Solitaire Ring in Platinum Over Sterling Silver

If you have a simple taste in jewelry. Then we are sure that you will love the simplicity of this ring. This ring has a vibrant ocean blue hue solitaire placed at the center. It is forged in sterling silver. Because of its minimalistic feature, you can choose to wear it everywhere.

Find more natural gemstone rings at Shop LC.
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